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Man jailed for blackmailing gay cruisers

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 24 Nov 2009, 11:16am

    Good to see that this person has been jailed. He sounds like a nasty piece of work.

    However that doesn’t alter the stupidity of the men cruising. Why were they doing it? If they are married then do they really have so little respect for their wives that they would deceive her for years in this manner?

    There is no reason for a man to go outdoor cruising other than a preference for outdoor fun. If a guy wants some anonymous action he can go online or go to a sauna where he is not leaving himself wide open for extortion.

    But even so if he is married and lying to his wife then he needs to show her some respect and tell her the truth about his sexuality, that their marriage is a lie.

    Closet cases deserve understanding and support to come out. They do not deserve understanding and support for remaining in the closer and for lying to the people they profess to love.

  2. Brian Burton 24 Nov 2009, 12:22pm

    Simon, Simon, Simon,
    This has been going on and will continue to do so before you were a glint in your Father’s eye and it will ‘Carry On Regaurdless’ when you are pushing up daisies. People make their beds and if they don’t lay in them quietly, they invite this kind of trouble. I’m glad the scum-bag got his come-uppance!

  3. Simon Murphy 24 Nov 2009, 1:57pm

    Oh I know that people have been cruising for years.

    It’s no longer necessary though. People have other options by which to access anonymous shags if they want.

    I just hate the presumption that we are meant to feel sympathy and solidarity with people simply because they have a fetish for outdoor fun. I don’t.

    And I certainly have even less sympathy and solidarity for those men who engage in such activities who are lying to their loved ones. It is unnecessary and they are setting themselves up to be caught and they have zero respect or consideration for the people they profess to love.

    There’s nothing morally wrong with cruising (unless the man engaging in it is deceiving those he is meant to love about his activities). There’s nothing worth defending about it either.

    I’m glad the extorter was caught but I think they guys he was blackmailing were idiots who set themselves up.

    Don’t forget there is no ‘right’ to cruise any more than there is a ‘right’ to go dogging. It is a preference, not a right.

  4. Lee Creamer sounds more like a pornstar name

  5. Glad he’s been jailed but 3 years? Not long enough when you know he’ll be out in half that!

  6. There is a lot of unsympathetic comment here from people who are obviously comfortable and clear about being gay. There probably are a lot of guys who do outdoor sex who don’t need to and are just addicted to novelty and risk. But a lot of them are not in this position. The world-view their community and family give them is often still that of the 1950’s. Their fear and confusion and inability to own who they are can lead to paradoxically dangerous and stupid behaviour – looking for a quick hook-up in a country spot seems somehow safer and less ‘compromising’ than effectively admitting who you are and what you want by going online or walking into a gay bar. Vultures like Creamer know this and work it. We need to sympathise with a lot of these men, not jeer ‘I told you so.’ And keep on working for a world where they don’t feel driven to resorting to this Kamikaze behaviour.

  7. Kinda agree with you Riondo. I used to go looking for married men for sex at cruise sites when I was in me late teens. A lot of it is as you say safer and less compromising than admitting who you are. For a lot of these men they look for quick sex because they have to hide themselves mainly because of the way they were brought up. When you do find one however who decides to make a go of it, they dicover the gay scene and man there’s no stopping them.

    I know from the men I used to meet that to think about gay sex was such a turn on but to admit it was extremely hard because of attitudes around them. Not just of family but of friends. Such a shame that this is still clearly happening and with 14-15 year olds out to attack gay people it can’t help making young people become accepting of themselves.

  8. Simon Murphy 24 Nov 2009, 4:52pm

    ” We need to sympathise with a lot of these men, not jeer ‘I told you so.’ ”

    Apologies – but my sympathies are more with the wives of these men, who are being deceived and lied to.

    Cruising is not a ‘right’ – it is a preference. And it does not deserve any ‘sympathy’ any more than my decision to be honest about my sexual orientation deserves sympathy.

    Dishonesty remains dishonesty regardless of the reasons.

  9. Oh come on Simon, you’ve taken it up the chocolate whizz-way many a time from me up Hampstead Heath dear….

  10. Simon Murphy 24 Nov 2009, 6:03pm

    I think not.

    I’m not into cruising outdoors. I require a comfortable bed; sheets and central heating.

  11. Brian Burton 24 Nov 2009, 7:56pm

    Simon, quite right my Boy but the central heating is a no-no when the heavy breathing starts and he on top’s back glistening with sweat!!!

  12. Brian Burton 25 Nov 2009, 3:24pm

    I sincerely hope that all Gay cruisers use condoms even for oral sex in this HIV/AIDS age of ours!??

  13. I feel sorry for these Men, many of whom will have children. Many Men stay married for the sake of the kids. It makes me sick that this guy took money from them, what a freak. Outdoor sex however can be a very risky business as these guys have found out.

  14. What you did was wrong but i guess you wont be doing it anymore well we hope you dont. We miss you lee. X x

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