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Homophobic hate crime reports rise in US

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 25 Nov 2009, 10:57am

    In the United States hate crimes usually go up during an election year, especially if SSM is on the agenda. The fights over same sex marriage dominated politics in states like California, Florida and Arizona and we lost all of them because Obama and McCain went on a campaign to denounce marriage equality. In California and on MTV Obama said he opposed same sex marriage because “gawd’s in the mix”, giving bigots an excuse to vote, which they did in larger than expected numbers. Objectively, what Obama did was to both empower and galvanize.

    They also engaged in widespread violence and the tactics of intimidation because the US lacked a hate crimes law (and the one we just got is pathetically weak) and a hate speech law.

    Hate crimes seem to increase in direct proportion to hate speech. Link to the FBI stats on hate crimes or the website of the GLBT National Coalition of anti-Violence Programs for documentation. Candidates like Obama and McCain cater to the bigotry of the religious right by attacking our right to be married, giving credence to cult inspired hate speech which in turn empowers thugs. In the mind of hater thugs “gawd’s in the mix” translates into “gawd told me to bugsmack a fag.” So they do.

    The new hate crimes reporting law has to be enhanced by laws mandating draconian punishments for hate crimes against GLBT folks, women, minorities, immigrants and trade unionists. And it needs to be changed so that we can demand the indictment of cult leaders who advocate or promote violence against us, women, minorities, immigrants and trade unionists. In addition GLBT folks in the US have to push for a federal law excluding the use of the ‘gay panic’ defense.

  2. American people still does not comprehend the scope of forecoming social distructions from homosexualization of own society. Their little children now living under more trouble times then ever before, and conflicts over moral issues will increase on great scale in near future. Who caused all these problems? Certainly, homosexuals themselves.

  3. I wonder why so many ‘phobes come here p!ssing gay people off. Do they get high by commiting that? The world consist of 95% of heterosexuals. If it’s going down, they should blame no one but themselves.

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