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Australian prime minister tipped to veto civil unions

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Reader comments

  1. Tim Hopkins 24 Nov 2009, 8:56pm

    And this guy is a Labor PM!! Still I guess he’s better than Howard. I remember being in Sydney 25 years ago, and someone there joking that when they flew to NZ, they put their watch forward an hour and back 20 years. I doubt if there was any truth in that then, but it’s certainly not true for LGBT equality now – NZ has had civil unions for years!

  2. This guys a dick
    He has vetoed civil partnerships how many times now because he doesn’t believe in equality for gay people
    When did this man get to decide what was best for everyone

    In a true democracy people are equal

  3. Why is Rudd so bigotted? is it because of a catholic background? Bigotry often comes from that nasty cult….

  4. No, Mr Rudd is a careerist. He has used various peoples and causes (eg the aborigines in Qld) to further his career. He doesn’t realise (yet) that it would help his career to recognise that the majority of Australians want equality. Marriage? Now that’s a whole other issue.

  5. Rudd is a rabid papist and follows the orders of Rome not the electorate.

  6. Kevin Rudd is no different than Howard in the last Government. Just as conservative and very religious. It is amazing that Canberra is now running with it’s own elected Government, but because it is a territory, it can still be held to ransom by the Federal Government. What is needed is to amend the constitution so as the territories can govern themselves, like the states. With no interference from the Federal Government

  7. Peter G. Brown 25 Nov 2009, 11:36am

    Rudd is not a Roman Catholic, but he is a (moderate) anglican. He seems to be doing this to placate the religious right in Australia who despite, being a minority, are very vocal. It was Howard that tried to use gay marriage as a wedge to split the Labor Party before the last election, but Rudd averted that by giving in, and we are thus stuck with stupid homophobic legislation. Whether he actually does dislike gay people is not really clear, but he has a fixation with `keeping his promises’ (at least those that are easy to keep) and so he will not change what he said he would do prior to the election. He is making a very big mistake on this issue, since attitudes have moved on a lot in the past few years. Even the conservative opposition have kept their mouths shup over this one. The States are no better. Apart from Tasmania, none of the Labor states have budged an inch on gay rights and are not likely to. The main state, NSW is controlled by the Catholic Church, while the others are traditionally conservative and don’t see any votes in it. Were the States to act, then the Federal Govt. would quickly fall in line. We need a generational change, but alas, that often takes – a generation.

  8. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 25 Nov 2009, 1:27pm

    * Kevin the backstabbing Kunt as I call him!!!!
    * Rudd the complete Dudd!!!!!

    This is just typical from a heterosexual married religious right-wing fascist f***wit named Kevin Rudd who is kissing-up to the Australian Christian Lobby group to further his career and his chances at betting the Liberal’s next year in 2010!!!!
    Kevin Rudd is a racist moron anyway who treats the Aboriginal population and the gay population like complete dirt – well it is time that I and the public start treating him like complete dirt at the next election in 2010!!!
    The Australian Christian Lobby group is telling Kevin Rudd what to do and he is a little puppet to them.
    Advice to Kevin Rudd:
    Leave the ACT civil partnership’s alone and intact, the ACT has a right to pass laws that 89 percent of the ACT residents support!!!! His wife Teresa (who is a very ugly slut-faced-whore is a b**** anyway) so concentrate on your own marriage Kevin Rudd and leave the ACT civil partnerships out of it!!!
    If you veto the law Kevin Rudd I know someone who will say to channel seven [for free]: “I have evidence that I was enjoying having sex with another man with you would not believe out of all people the Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd in a Sydney Airport bathroom cubical” and then the PM will typically deny that he is gay just like Larry Craig did!!! – And then the media will have a field day!!!

  9. Jackass.

  10. At least I am not the only one around to despise Kevin Rudd and the Australian Labor Party. It was the Australian Greens in the ACT (Canberra) Parliament (they have 4 members) who have pushed to have same-sex relationship legislation through the Parliament there. The Australian Greens are the ONLY party pushing for FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY! Easy to know who to vote for isnt it?

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