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1,500 Americans complain over Adam Lambert’s gay kiss

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Reader comments

  1. I bet there would be no complaints with a hetero kiss
    Good for Adam

  2. Ofcourse they had a moan the American bigots! They nearly stoned Janet Jackson for an ‘almost exposed’ tit! Which later turned out to be a ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Way to go Adam!!! I’m glad he didn’t apologise either. It’s long overdue.

  3. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 24 Nov 2009, 2:08pm

    You have my due support down here in ‘down under’ [Australia] Adam!!!!!!!!! He is cute!!!!

  4. good. people need to get used to seeing men being sexual with other men. keep it up adam.

  5. Simon Murphy 24 Nov 2009, 2:26pm

    There was hardly any complaints when Madonna snogged Britney Spears at some awards show some years ago.

    I guess that was considered a “turn on” as it involved 2 women though.

    Double standards alert!

  6. The American bigots are at it again… Good for Adam!

  7. If it was just a kiss, sure, F you bigots. But simulating oral sex is a bit much…

  8. to be fair it was actually a bit more than a kiss… there was apparently a similated fellation with a dancer too… but good on him still for pushing things!

  9. 24 Nov 2009, 3:15pm

    The youtube video has been taken down, so it’s hard to judge for oneself.

    There are photos at and on balance I think I agree with Mithos (at 15.04) – a bit much!

  10. Comment 5 – Yes, double standards indeed. But then, many straight men think they own women’s sexuality, so lesbianism or any hint of it exists purely for their own titillation in their tiny minds. Now two men – oh, that’s different! Hypocritical crap. And I bet the religious right (who are neither) were busy complaining too.

    I’m glad Adam didn’t apologise. When you look at all the straight sexual stuff that’s accepted on MTV and the like, you wonder why people bothered to complain. Answer – he’s gay, so he has to be invisible. Bigots.

  11. And I just watched the video on youtube and it was very tame and pretty much harmless. The photos show a permanent record of something that lsated for less than a second. So no surprise there, then.

  12. 1,500 complaints (I wonder how many of the complainers actually watched the show) out of an audience of how many tens of millions??? Hardly even worth mentioning this story!!
    And who appointed the Parents’ Television Council the arbiters of good taste? If everything that was ‘tasteless and vulgar’ was removed from television we’d all we watching the Test Card.

  13. I wonder how the Americans would have reacted back in 1972 when David Bowie was overtly sexual with Mick Ronson doing Stardust on Top of the Pops 7.30pm. Thirty-seven years ago, Bowie was simulating a blow job and dry humping Ronson. Of course, Lambert had to be broadcast at 11.00pm, to preserve public sensitivities and that’s just as well because these sorts of antics never did Bowie any good nearly 40 years ago.

  14. I sat through this and want my money back. It was like falling into a barrel of cocks and coming out sucking your thumb. Sadness…

  15. Robert, ex pat Brit 24 Nov 2009, 8:23pm

    Yes, good for Adam. Its about time we started giving it right back to the straight bigots who do far worse things. These are the bigots who repeatedly use….”don’t shove your “lifestyle” down our throats” to justify discrimination. Yet, they’ve been shoving theirs down our collective throats for centuries on the premise that its normal as well as kissing in public, holding hands, sex scenes in films, on t.v., theater, you name it, they do it with impunity. I’m sick of their hypocrisy, bigotry and the double standard.

  16. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 24 Nov 2009, 8:39pm

    It would be wonderful if these people directed their outrage
    toward an everyday horror, most seem to except, for far too long,
    Rape, Child Abuse, human trafficking, those who are homeless.
    This near thanksgiving, people get with it, turn your concerns
    toward being of service to those in need, your smallness is showing.
    Mitakuye Oyasin (We Are All Related)
    Mary Flying Eagle

  17. Mary Flying Eagle Ray please don’t be mean about my smallness showing. It is party size and I’ve never had any complaints so far. P.S/ Are you any relation to my cleaner Melissa Mad Old Bat?

  18. Sure is a double standard… Spears and Modonna can lock lips,,, Tatu do it every performance and no one complains, two guys do it and suddenly there is an uproar, how sad. Get over yourself.

  19. WAY TO GO ADAM!!!

    Youtube has taken it off but it’s still accessable on a chinese youtube here;

    I mean for god sakes the Chinese love it and couldn’t care less that Adam is gay…

    Seriously America if China’s not got a problem with it, what does that say about you!!! Get with the programme!!

  20. America is too conservative. Prudish and very self-righteous. I applaud Adam. This is what we need. More in your face exhibitionism and sexual expression. Hooray for Adam. We need more people like him. Time to show up mainstream society and how pathetic they are.

  21. So 1,500 people were outraged enough to phone in complaints about this performance, but thousands of people regularly attend cage-fighting events to see two men beat each other half to death, and plenty of people are of the view that its OK for LGBT people to be killed or beaten half to death.

    Given this, I have zero sympathy for anyone who was “outraged” about Adam’s performance. Good on him for sticking two fingers up at the bigots.

  22. John in Oakland 25 Nov 2009, 11:02am

    I tried to access the chinese youtube and the clip came up, ‘blocked in your region’…I am getting more and more embarassed to be from the US..This country is filled with hypocritical, self-righteous idiots.

  23. Brian Burton 25 Nov 2009, 11:50am

    This Boy is a stupid idiot, he alone has probably damaged the Gay cause by his log-stupid simulated oral sex on a stage probably watched by children too. Even Gay kissing should not be in your face and be damned. There is I hope still good taste and good manners in society? Is there such a thing as ‘Modern Morality?’ Dose it consist in us accepting the standard of the age we live in? like there is no such thing as a romantic experiance, there are romantic memories and there is the desire of romance–that is all. But then, nothing should be out of reach of hope!

  24. Bishop Ioan 25 Nov 2009, 12:51pm

    This is more of the nonsense that one expects out of America. If that is the worst thing these people see, then I suspect they have led ridiculously sheltered lives. But of course, they can always find a cadre of bigots ready to call in on things like this. Can’t worry about important things like world hunger or peace, but let some guy get a little gay onstage and all hell breaks loose.

    I think it’s great. Heterosexuality is pushed down our throats every day and just about every time we turn around. I say, “You GO, Adam”.

  25. “I tried to access the chinese youtube”

    Just keep searching on Videos are being removed, but they’re put back up just as fast as they’re taken down.

  26. Since when is two men kissing “a political statement”?

    I hadn’t realised one’s sexuality was a political choice.

  27. @ anyone who was offended when they saw the performance, there is an off-switch on your TV y’know. I’m just saying. ;)

  28. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 25 Nov 2009, 7:53pm

    It is not my to respond to the meow/kitty, kitty of someone,
    but, wow crank. (Smallness shows.)
    My feed back was directed to thse who complained about Adam’s
    presentation. Soooo if the shoe fits, wear it.
    I don’t know your house cleaner, but I will pray for her, poor dear.
    Mary Flying Eagle

  29. What the West is blocking china now?

    My GOD!!

    Here’s another video of the performance from another Chinese site that should work, my mates in Australia were able to access it. If you have problems you should try using a proxy

    Fingers Crossed.

  30. Brian Burton 26 Nov 2009, 7:52am

    Great Steven…Pure Show-Biz, I could not see anything wrong there!

  31. “Even Gay kissing should not be in your face and be damned.”
    Erm, since when?

    It’s not a crime, it should never be a crime
    And the fact of the matter is that there’s nothing wrong with it
    If he wants to perform a song where he kisses another guy then that’s his right, if you don’t like it then don’t watch

  32. It’s quite possible that it was all tasteless and vulgar, but very often straights behave in the same way, with less complaints by the overly sensible.

  33. If you ask me i think it didn’t go far enough….

    Adam should have been ripped and done it shirtless and in leather chaps or something. And when people complain he would have been like it’s nothing different to sexualised female performances and rappers who ripp their shirts.

    And if people don’t want us doing this on a stage infront of live audience then neither should the straights…..that just might get Beyonce to put some damn clothes on!!!

  34. I thought it was quite artistic and fitted the lyrics.

    I hope this is the first and last time I link a CNN story, but this article was quite interesting:

    It considered US attitudes to sex and sexuality; and compared Adam’s performance to others of Madonna. To me, what came out from the contributors was that Adam’s performance probably did attract more criticism because it expressed gay sexuality; and that he’s definitely an artist to follow!

  35. Just watched the you tube vid and am quite surprised that the “moral” majority are not bitching about the “s+m” bit

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