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Straight couple to apply for civil partnership tomorrow

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 23 Nov 2009, 1:50pm

    Stonewall will be horrified. A straight couple demanding equal treatment under the law?

    Stonewall is opposed to marriage equality. They don’t think gay people should be allowed to get married. I wonder if they are opposed to straight people being allowed to get a CP also?

  2. Excuse me? Straight people can get MARRIED; they don’t need civil partnerships!

  3. No, they don’t need civil partnershios but they are obviously trying,amongst other things, to highlight the fact thay gay couples who wish to be married are unable to. Lets not knock them, as they said in the article they have gay friends and may be its their way of supporting them.

  4. What happens if a gay guy and a lesbian want a Civil Partnership … ok, perhaps unlikely, but not impossible!!!

  5. Simon Murphy 23 Nov 2009, 3:06pm

    “Excuse me? Straight people can get MARRIED; they don’t need civil partnerships!”

    Straight people wouldn’t need marriage if they could get CP’s either.

    I think this couple is merely try to highlight the stupidity of a totally unnecessary CP law which was creatly solely and specifically to deny gay people access to civil marriage.

  6. Hey, I understand what they are trying to do and congratulations on what they are trying to do.

    I think we should support them – they are highlighting the fact that same-sex couples can’t get married.

    I also agree with the comment about Stonewall, they’re not going to like it . . .


  7. Just trying to see if I’m still blocked on here…

  8. Ah… It appears not.

  9. Wasn’t the whole point of Civil Partnerships because straight couples already have a choice in whatever they decide to do. While, ok Civil Partnerships are not quite marriage, it means we were closer to equal rights. This straight couple already have all the rights given to them, gay couples don’t. Co-habiting straight couples esp with children already have the same sort of rights, esp if they split up. It seems while we have to fight to get equal rights, they whinge coz they clearly have too much. nothing like rubbing our noses in it!

  10. Brian Burton 23 Nov 2009, 5:24pm

    When I CP’d in 2006, we have been treated like any straight couple ever since. Though after xmas I will add my Partner’s name to mine, so my name will be Brian Burton-Blake. (Deed Poll)

  11. Very pleased for ya and have no doubt your treat ‘like any straight couple ever since.’ The point I make is this is the closest we get to marriage while straight people have their choices yet now they want our ‘lesser’ ceremony. Sure I know civil partners are happy but would be great to have the choice to marry Like any other. Straight couple really shouldn’t moan about not being able to have Civil Partnerships when they have all right handed on a plate!

  12. Good for them for pointing out and about to prove that Civil Partnerships are an @ss.

  13. Harvey, I really don’t think they’re moaning. They don’t want to marry until gay people are also allowed to marry. If all straight couples did that it would send a very strong message to the government.

  14. Yes, comment no.13 valerio, i agree totally, this couple are trying to make a point and a very valid one it is too:)

  15. Vo Dong Cung 23 Nov 2009, 8:27pm

    This is not same with Brad Pitt’s case, but look like the other attack from conservative religion. I think they want to prove the effect of gay relationship on civil hetero-marriage.

  16. This can already be done in France, thousands of straight couples have gone for a “PAC” rather than marriage, there’s even a verb, now, “ils sont pacsés”, these couples actually don’t want the legal and civil restraints that go along with marriage. I do take the point that, as in England, straight couples do have the choice which we gay couples are denied. It sounds like a typical British mess-up!

  17. Pumpkin Pie 23 Nov 2009, 10:59pm

    I love these guys. Rock on, dudes, rock on.

  18. I applaud this move. I think people will begin to see Marriage as an archaic religious institution and instead demand a unified civil system for partnerships

  19. Oh, here we go again, bash religion. Some people want religion, some don’t simple as that. If you don’t want anything to do with religion fine but don’t discriminate against it. Just coz you May feel they do don’t make it right for you to. It’s just as bad. Maybe again though its because deep down you don’t understand religion just like you blame it for now understanding gay people.

  20. Harvey – many bash bigoted believers who support homophobia so there’s a difference, I don’t see so much bashing when the Christians or others treat people equally and fairly

  21. Tim Hopkins 24 Nov 2009, 10:38am

    The Netherlands has had both civil partnership and marriage, open to mixed-sex and same-sex couples, since 2001. About 1/4 of same-sex couples who register their relationship choose civil partnership, and 3/4 choose marriage. About 10% of mixed-sex couples choose civil partnership, and 90% choose marriage.

    Why not make the same choices available to everyone – that’s equality. It works in the Netherlands, why can’t we have it here?

    As others have said, this couple are certainly not doing this from any homophobic motive – quite the opposite: it is an action in support of marriage equality for same-sex couples. They should have our support.

  22. Simon Murphy 24 Nov 2009, 12:13pm

    No 19: Harvey: “Oh, here we go again, bash religion. Some people want religion, some don’t simple as that. If you don’t want anything to do with religion fine but don’t discriminate against it.”

    You seem to have serious logic problems.

    People cannot discriminate against a belief system. They can only discriminate against people. For me to call christianity or islam or judaism and hinduism, a savage superstitious belief system for stupid people is not discriminating against anyone.

    I have never seen gay people behave in a manner as evil as religions almost invariably do.

    To regard religion as the refuge of stupid people may not be a pleasant thought for people who believe in ‘god’ but I have never seen LGBT people campaigning to have civil and legal rights removed from religious people.

    Religious groups routinely campaign for the removal of civil and legal rights for LGBT people and finance homophobic initiatives and demand special treatment under the equality laws.

    Religion is a haven for bigotry.

    Many people don’t like religion because of how viciously, obstinately stupid and bigotted it is. The ‘god’ describe in holy books is a violent, vengeful tyrant.

    Luckily he is fake. If he was real then he would be guilty of genocide.

  23. Brian Burton 24 Nov 2009, 12:28pm

    Well we are a free country, if what this couple are asking for is within the Law-why not?

  24. Who said romance is dead?

  25. Rachel Titley 24 Nov 2009, 1:38pm

    @Simon Murphy – There have been comments which are hurtful to people who are both religious and gay. Belief is exactly like love, you can’t choose what to believe any more than you can choose who you love – you can lie to yourself about it, sure, but at the end of the day, you still believe what you’re telling yourself you don’t (alternatively, you can lie to yourself if you want, but at the end of the day, you still love a man/woman).
    I have never been made to feel like a second class Christian in person – there are people in the world who think I am, but they are so many miles removed from what God tried to teach us that I don’t really care, and I’ve never met one. I have, however, been made to feel like a second class lesbian for loving my God as well as women. Go figure

  26. Excellently well put Rachel!

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