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Mother fights for NHS treatment of trans daughter

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Reader comments

  1. I really hope they win!

  2. OrtharRrith 23 Nov 2009, 4:50pm

    Well done Pink News for addressing “Georgie” with the correct pronouns, far better then any other news article has done.

  3. … so about 17,000 people want gender reassignment? That’s a huge number.

    Well done Georgie’s enlightened and resourceful mum, and lets hope the Sun paid enough to begin treatment.

  4. Carole, you must be a wonderful person,
    your daughter is so fortunate to have you,
    keep fighting!

  5. Pumpkin Pie 23 Nov 2009, 11:02pm

    It’s so utterly disgraceful that people still have to pay out of their own pocket for things like this when they clearly can’t, as is the preposterous age limit.

  6. Good luck with that. Lets be honest here for a second. If she’s in the wrong county (like say, Hampshire) then her chances of getting the her Primary Care Trust to do anything other then ‘forget’ about her is… negligable.

    Even assuming she can brow beat the PCT in to forwarding her for treatment, she’ll have to run the gauntlett of Charing Cross. Which as anyone who’s going there will assure you is “a happy fun helpful place”. Expect to add several years of hoop jumping, forgotten appointment move notices and general “you’re not ready” talks.

    Basically hun, if you can’t get that £16,000 your child has a high chance of being screwed.

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