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Gay Glasgow council leader Steven Purcell is Councillor of the Year

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  1. Brian Burton 20 Nov 2009, 5:51pm

    Put a victorian suit of clothes on councillor Purcell and he would look as though he was a late Victorian Business man.

  2. Halls Of Power, Simply The Best 20 Nov 2009, 8:24pm

    At least he is one of Glasgows better councillors, speaks it how it is, and isnt afraid to step on toes if he has to. Cant say much for most of them at Glasgow City Council, most are all too faced and dont tell it how it really is…most are opposition party by the way…
    Well done Steven, you deserve the credit you have worked hard for.

  3. Derek North 20 Nov 2009, 9:41pm

    Having live in a tower block in Glasgow for 6 years , I can assure you that not one Glasgow Councillor is remotely interested in “Joe Public”.

    I remember watching from below as a 17 year old drug addict lesbian was thrown out of the 23rd floor of one of these council owned towers after having been raped by some drug addled wasters.

    There were two 24 storey towers in Royston at the time. One had full concierge and was filled with overseas, mainly Muslim occupants.

    The other, which I lived in was generally occupied by Joe Public with a few UK students thrown in.

    I had no choice but to live in the place as a medical student at the time ( 1995 ) , but the experience of living there certainly opened my eyes to Glasgow Council and it’s VERY well paid operatives, many who still work for that Council and the bungs they were given to favour one of the towers over the other.

  4. Derek North 20 Nov 2009, 9:43pm

    And PS. I am not one jot Racist, I am just highlighting the councils agenda. At that time.

  5. Derek, wow, you once lived as a student in 1995 in crap accommodations. That is like, totally unheard of! How did you slip through the net and not land a detached house with en suite facilities like the rest of us? Such a relevant comment to the story in hand.
    Brian, again absolutely insightful comment, the guy gets an award for getting off his arse and you are struck by his Disraeli look. Don’t keep it to yourself mate, let us all in on what your smoking….

  6. Derek North 21 Nov 2009, 12:11am

    Councillor Purcell was elected, unopposed, as Leader of Glasgow City Council on 24 May 2005 at the age of 32.

    Born in 1972, he has lived all his life in Yoker in the west of the city and was educated at St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School. After leaving school at the age of 16, Councillor Purcell started work on a YTS scheme in 1988 in a building society.

    He joined the Labour Party in 1986, campaigning for the future First Minister of Scotland, Donald Dewar, helping the MP to secure his Garscadden seat in the 1987 election.

    Councillor Purcell was first elected to Glasgow City Council in May 1995 for the ward of Blairdardie.

    Between 1999 and 2003, he was the Council’s Convener of Development & Regeneration Services, during which time he oversaw the creation of the Glasgow City Plan. It replaced dozens of outdated local area-based plans and was heralded by the Scottish Executive and the Royal Town Planning Institute as a striking example of clear thinking.

    From 2003, until his election as Leader, Councillor Purcell was Convener of Education, and helped deliver a £220 million PPP to refurbish or rebuild the city’s 29 secondary schools.

    He pushed forward an ambitious new education strategy to replace half-empty and run-down primary schools with community-based pre-12 campuses which merged primary, nursery and special needs facilities. The programme remains on-track to be extended across the city and is designed to include communities in the decision-making process. The Council has already committed almost £261 million in capital investment which will lead to 37 new-build school campuses across the city. Money which the council does not have.

    So do not speak to me about this as I live it. DO you.

    Councillor Purcell used his first weeks in office to re-dedicate the city’s focus toward social renewal married to economic growth as Glasgow’s physical regeneration provides the building blocks not offered in a generation. Getting people off benefits and back to work remains his number one priority.

    In his first 2 years as Leader, Councillor Purcell has relieved the burden on low income families and pensioners by producing a balanced budget and an unprecedented freeze on Council Tax. This has been achieved through efficiencies and cuts in bureaucracy, allowing money saved to be diverted to the key priorities of education, social care and tackling the causes of poverty.

  7. Derek North 21 Nov 2009, 12:14am

    There is no balanced budget. And I work as an NHS GP off my own back, bugger all to do with councils and men in suits.

    Grannies are still poor and cold. F all has changed.

    Poofs are still beaten up.

  8. theotherone 21 Nov 2009, 10:19pm

    ‘poofs are still beaten up’ and the City closes Train Stations on a Sunday to suit it’s ‘religious’ workers, the city can’t afford to ice the roads in Winter, the Council has done nothing to protect Queer people, the Council spent a fortune commissioning research to close down lap dancing clubs while revoking prostitution tolerance zones and AT THE SAME TIME feels that Glasgow can not have advertisements for the agent provocateur store as it was viewed as pronographic.

    Oh and let us not forget that The Council refuses to put in clean up crews after people have been murdered and instead asks the family of the victims to clean up their own loved one’s blood. It can’t afford it you see but it can afford to spend money on research to have lap dancing clubs closed down.

    I supose they like their Whores cheap in The Council.

  9. I will credit Councillor Purcell with freezing what was already a very inflated Council Tax. Council Tax has increased 150% in Glasgow since 1997. After decades of the Labour Party controlling Glasgow City Council, it is an indictment on them that there are so many pockets of abject poverty still remaining in the 21st Century. Perhaps the 2014 Commonwealth Games are a luxury we cannot afford right now. Perhaps Councillor Purcell and all of our elected representatives need to keep on the ball with the issues of poverty, housing, education and job creation. I have a real sense that the Commonwealth Games is not going to produce the economic returns and lasting legacy it is expected to. Dare I mention the 1988 Garden Festival or 1990 European City of Culture?

    It is time for the Council to get with the programme under Councillor Purcell’s leadership. Let’s have these unsightly brownfield sites you see everywhere filled with affordable private and social housing. Is the Glasgow CrossRail and Airport Rail Link ever going to be realised (a responsibility of the Scottish Government admittedly)? And finally, if a school is only half full it should be closed and amalgamated with another in the area.

  10. theotherone 23 Nov 2009, 4:06pm

    Glasgow will never tackle poverty as it’s a traditional Labour Council. By this I mean that it sees the city as it’s personal fiefdom and sees poverty as a recruiter for support of the Labour Party.

    They’ll care about poverty when hell freezes over.

    As to the Games: since Glasgow has crippling levels of poverty, a decayed stock of social housing, huge problems with homophobia racism and religious intolerance, phenomenal rates of violent crime and rape with these problems what does The Council do? It spends millions on the Games.

    Councilor of the year? He and the rest of his corrupt cronies should hang their heads in shame.

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