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Family appeals to gay community to find missing son

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Reader comments

  1. You sound like a wonderful dad, sir, and I guenuinely hope for your son’s safe return to your family. Hugzz from Canada

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Nov 2009, 10:58pm

    A great idea to approach PinkNews. Chin up.

  3. I just don’t understand how a 14 year old boy can just disappear onto the streets of London like this.

    I hope he reads this and makes contact with his family.

  4. The usual journalistic crap writing. I wish people would learn to communicate in proper English instead of trying to create snappy headlines.

    Was the boy 14 when he disappeared, or would he be 14 now?

  5. Lets help find this boy and get him home for christmas.

  6. They don’t even know if he is gay, they’re guessing
    He may well be so embarrassed by this that he never goes home
    All his friends will think hes gay now from this

    You can’t just claim someone is gay and then it becomes gay news
    I mean it’s all well and good they’re so open ad supportive but they just outed him to the world without even knowing if he is gay

  7. Joe In California 22 Nov 2009, 12:21am

    I hope that the boy sees it to get in contact with his parents to let them know he is okay. No matter if he’s straight or gay, he has parents that are reaching out in every which way with unconditional love. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the most important factor here!

  8. Nice one. I slag off this rag and they try to block my IP.
    Better luck next time, as*wipes

  9. Lucius Malfoy 22 Nov 2009, 12:56pm

    I hope he makes his way back to his parents. Who knows if he even is aware of any type of media. He could have been kidnapped into white slavery or something. He could be locked up in some Austrian cellar. Or worse, a British one.
    It’s so horrible that this happened.

  10. Lucius Malfoy 22 Nov 2009, 12:57pm

    And Rob, nice job trying to make this story ALL ABOUT YOU.

  11. Brian Burton 22 Nov 2009, 1:04pm

    Lucius Darling,
    Whatever RobN is saying about the situation here it’s the Truth! He dosent Grand-stand as you tend to!

  12. Bishop Ioan 23 Nov 2009, 10:44am

    I hope the young man is safe and is able to return home. His parents sound like they are at least open-minded and genuinely want to help him–I say that in a positive way. His dad sounds like the father I wish my father had been.

    Abi1975, may I assume the comment about disappearing off the street in London is sarcasm? Children do disappear in big cities on a distressingly regular basis. I understand his parents’ concern, especially since he hasn’t been heard from in over two months now.

    Tigra 07, I understand where you are coming from, but better parents who errs on the side of openness and willingness to understand than those who simply write off and reject their gay kids.

    In any case I hope that he is found and can return home safely.

  13. We shall do what we can to find your son, Mr Gosden. Just have faith – he will be found.

  14. This family must be distraught,but well done them for exploring every avenue, this father is reaching out with love and acceptance, gay or straight.(its not a case of outing him,comment no.6)

  15. Fully agree with Tigra 07. For some reason (or without any reason) they have decided he ran away due to reasons of sexuality.

    Thanks to their stupidity I’d hate to imagone the welcome he will get back at school, and it won’t be with open arms.

  16. ugh? these parents are purely exploring all possible reasons why their child may have run away. His parents they may well have suspected he was gay. Children run away for all sorts of reasons and these parents are just doind what any oving parent would do, and that is to explore all possibilities. They can hardly be called stupid (comment no 15)dear me!! and actually i shouldn’t think the welcome he’d get from his school mates is the main thing on his parents mind, all they want is their son home safely.

  17. why oh why do some people always try to make any issue all about them. this dad is trying everything to get his baby home. whether he is straight or gay, so effin what?? he needs to be with his parents and his parents have made it clear that they dont care whatever lifestyle he has chosen. some people here really need to get a life.

  18. People here shouldn’t even acknowledge the hateful comments, all you’re doing, as well intentioned as you are is feeding these trolls. Although it’s quite possible these people never find their son it’s also quite possible that they do or that’s he’s still alive and well. Perhaps if he was drawing out such a large amount of money he had a definite plan? If he did, I certainly hope it worked out for him and that he can contact his parents soon..

  19. David Myers 25 Nov 2009, 3:45am

    Yes. Trolls go f*off. The rest of us hope we can help, whether the boy is gay or not. Points to you, sir (the father), for trying everything and for making sure, if your son sees this, that he knows he is loved whether he is gay or not.

  20. Kevin Gosden 27 Nov 2009, 12:49am

    Hi, I am Andrew’s Dad. We have no evidence that he is gay any more than we have evidence that he was bullied, bored at school or anything else. It is a logical possibility is all. I could be blinkered and just say “NO – My son? Never?”, but we have no clue as he seemed so happy when he disappeared. We have tried many targets that are equally logical – related to his music taste, enjoyment of snooker, museums etc. I would prefer to try anything and everything because I love my son. I miss him every day, we all do, so to cut out a logical possibility as the result of unthinking bigotry would be absurd. We don’t care if he has grown another head, just want to know he is OK.

  21. I hope that Andrew comes home soon, he obviously comes from a supportive and VERY loving family. Best wishes and good luck to you Mr Gosden.

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