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Video: Gordon Brown records message for World AIDS Day

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Reader comments

  1. is it just me or is GB trying really hard to court the LGBT community. Every where I look everyone is either getting a message or a letter. mmmm you have to ask why so much love, oh yeh an election could be round the corner.

  2. Gordon Brown’s message speaks volumes and chimes with recent revelations that the HIV sector is taking its instructions tied to funding from the government instead of working independently and taking the urgent and obvious measures that are needed to halt the spread of HIV in our community. It is telling in itself that Gordon pays tribute to the early pioneers of HIV prevention who, in the 1980s, “led the way” on HIV campaigning – a far cry from their successors who have worked tirelessly to normalise HIV on the pretext of reducing sigma but which has only served to accelerate the HIV rate among gay men. Gordon’s ending comment – “This government is wholly committed to HIV testing and tackling the stigma that persists” – could almost have been a puff piece written by any of today’s HIV charities, who are anxiously pursuing HIV testing over HIV prevention, and who are using the HIV stigma card to avoid running the kind of in your face campaigns that are sorely needed to encourage younger gays to play safe, an excuse that a new survey of gays has revealed to be a fraud because it simply isn’t true that such ads would create more stigma. The same campaign also found that almost a half of young gays are being encouraged by today’s HIV campaigns into having risky sex while a third think HIV is like catching a cold. Earlier this week Elton John foolishly blamed such behaviour on complacency when it is ignorance about HIV and the implications of infection that are to blame. Big difference. The HIV charities have been in the firing line of a lot of angry people lately for their monumental failings in HIV prevention, but it is clear from Gordon Brown’s statement exactly who is setting the HIV agenda today and who is telling the obedient charities to jump.

  3. Gordon, or any political party in this country, is just giving us blue-balls. Marriage is what we want, and until then, get the f*** out of our of our bed.

  4. Wipe that schoolboy smirk from your loathesome face you jerk. Your vile party has destroyed all that was great about this once proud nation and with the HIV charities you are responsible for DOUBLING HIV in gay men under Nu Labour. Now you are pushing for men to be tested instead of calling for the return of effective HIV prevention so as to enrich your pharma lobbyists. You and the HIV charities who have followed your orders will pay dearly for your crimes against gay men!

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