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Chair of Brighton Pride resigns

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Reader comments

  1. I want to thank Yvonne Barker for all her work making Brighton Pride what it is. Its the most friendly Pride in the country and its far better than its London counterpart.

    I don’t see how Yvonne Barker can be held responsible for the weather and the washout this year was.

  2. I don’t have the inside story of course, but couldn’t this be symbolic of Pride events everywhere in the last couple of decades? Commercial organisations ripping off lgbt community events. Fogey-ish it might be, but I have found much more celebratory atmospheres with a noisy march through town, a few community group stalls and everyone picnicking on the lawn. I don’t mind capitalism selling me my computer and my jeans, but it shouldn’t muscle in on my community party and sell it back to me watered down and at inflated prices.

  3. I live in Brighton and have to say the event is horrid. Full a straights making money and a load of homophobs. Lots of problems the last few years. Will be leaving the country next year

  4. Seems to me that there is a stark difference between the old committee which did so much to bring Brighton Pride to the fore and to the present incumbents who, in my experience, have slowly but surely eroded the whole experience. Don’t try to mend that which isn’t broken.

  5. Oh, what a surprise. It seems any gay organised event is doomed to failure from the outset due to in-bitching and the inability to get anything right without blowing a fortune. I wish I had a quid for every Gay Pride I’ve seen either go bust or fall apart.

    The words “Brewery”, “Organise and “Piss-up” spring to mind.

  6. I have lived in Brighton for 6 years. It really needs to be a paid event to stop the lookers and homophobes attending. The funfair attracts undesirables.

    Pride doesn’t make money because you can take your own booze and food etc. If it was set up properly then it might be a sucess. It needs scaling down, it has become too big. I can remember years ago when you’d be able to wander around the park but now it’s so busy I tend to stay in the same place with friends all day. Kind of defeats the object of the market stalls etc.

    I also thought it might be an idea to have the saturday as the party day and then sunday could be a more chilled event, picnics and chill out and a mooch around the stalls etc.

  7. Plus I am not pleased with the way it is advertised and even shown in media. They miss out the gay and try to pass it of as a Brighton Festival.

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