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Thief robs gay men in Brighton

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 18 Nov 2009, 5:02pm

    Thief robs Gay men! This has been happening to Gays since the year dot….so what’s new?

  2. Brian: Exactly, and the article gives the impression that the thief *must* be straight and victimising us poor, impressionable fags that are just desperate for a cuddle.

    Bollocks. I have met quite a few one-night stands that were only to keen to case the joint and wander off with your valuables the next morning. Fortunately, they left with just cuts and bruises, and decided not to press charges against me.

  3. Brian Burton 21 Nov 2009, 2:39pm

    Good for you, but this kind of crime against ‘lonely Gays’ will continue!

  4. Brian: That’s because people are way too trusting. View everyone as guilty until proven otherwise, and you won’t go far wrong.

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