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Austria allows civil partnerships but gay adoption ban stays

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Reader comments

  1. Austria is a backward catholic country so I suppose every little helps

  2. Where on earth’s the logic in forcing smae sex couples to register in different places to straight ones?

    I suppose it’s to appease conservatives by ramming home the point that CP’s are altogether less serious and respectable affairs than marriage.

    If so could someone please explains how society benefits by encouraging gay couples (and presumably everyone else) to treat gay relationships as less serious.

  3. I guess we should be lucky that we don’t have to sit at the back of the bus as well.

  4. Do they get nice little pink triangles to wear too?…

  5. Simon Murphy 18 Nov 2009, 10:11pm

    Baby steps.

    “she said the law was an “unfinished document.” “

  6. Danny Waine 18 Nov 2009, 11:50pm

    I applaud the movement that is slowly starting to take place in certain countries around the world. Hopefully the momentum will continue to build. I completely agree with Cyril though, the registry offices and locations should be open to all.

    We’ve organised weddings for heterosexual couples all over the world for years now, and it’s great that gay and lesbian couples are finally being welcomed by countries to tie the knot there too.

    There are still so many places that we get asked for on a daily basis which don’t offer Civil Partnerships or Gay Marriage. We’ve seen it coming over the past 18 months, and I hate to say it but there are some countries which are going to be “forced” over the next 12 – 18 months to legalise civil partnerships, or promote themselves as ‘gay-friendly destinations’ to help them through the recession.

  7. This is positive news. As we know in life, you dont always get ‘a hamburger with the LOT.’ Austria is a Catholic country and so this legislative move is a great encouragement. If Argentina moves forward, that will have sweeping consequnces for South and Central America. Our relationships are in the hands of caring and progressive heterosexuals. We need to support them , wherever we live in the world.

  8. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 19 Nov 2009, 12:04pm

    What do Austria and Australia have in common?

    They both provide unregistered cohabitation or common-law de facto rights for same gender couples.

    We are still waiting in 2009 for FULL “gay marriage”!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Com

    ‘I guess we should be lucky that we don’t have to sit at the back of the bus as well”

    Quite right, that you dont have to be demoted to the status of Blacks. I mean, Gay people sat right upfront always, as opposed to Blacks (both Gay and Straight, sat at the back of the bus…

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