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Peter Tatchell to speak with former Bishop of Edinburgh tonight

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Reader comments

  1. This should really be a most interesting debate; both Holloway and Tatchell hold some very similar views but also some disperate ones. It should be interesting to read just what has happened – I lok forward to it in the next Pink News!

  2. Brian Burton 17 Nov 2009, 5:49pm

    One thing about Peter Tatchell, he keeps the pot boiling, he’s not a stand still man.

  3. Look forward to reading about it too, can’t stand watching the man! He can sometimes say the right things but at times is more of an embarrassment to the gay rights cause!

  4. Philip alias Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki 18 Nov 2009, 1:55pm

    South African leader Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki

    obert Gabriel Karigamombe Mugabe South-central Africa. It lies between the Zambezi River in the North and the Limpopo River to the south.

    Homosexuality Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. In real life he probably fingers his arsehole.
    No point in repeating what he has said. It just gets boring blah blah blah.

  5. Brian Burton 18 Nov 2009, 8:49pm

    Philip the alias twit! You are stark raving bonckers!

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