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Lesbian mayor candidate in Houston ‘targeted by conservatives’

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  1. Hey Dave Welch,,,whose family is going to be under attack of destruction?? Yours?? Are you considering opening your door to gay and lesbian bandits who will take over your family and do naughty things to them like show just how normal and like everyone else they are?? How scary. I can see how you would want to hide under your frilly bedsheets. The only destruction in the states is the destruction of families headed by gays and lesbians when their children are shown and taught by the likes of you that their families are lower and should remain invisible. Make sure you throw in the part where partners can’t have benefits to help their familes,,,hey,,another destruction!!! You American homophobes are the laughingstock of the world. In civilized societies like here in Canada we practise inclusion. I am no different than my beloved and adored next-door straight neighbours. And the best part?? No one even blinks anymore if you are gay or lesbian. It’s a big so-what!? Any politician that decries humanities is a big ole yankee closet case. Welcome to Hangerville.

  2. douglas in canada 18 Nov 2009, 4:44pm

    I thought that at some point, it was illegal for churches in the USA to get involved in politics. It sounds like it’s time to revoke their tax-free status.

  3. none a your business 12 Jan 2010, 3:23am

    I have no problem with the woman herself but do have a problem with her lifestyle of sin. I live in Houston and am disgraced by her election and more disgraced that a so called preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ would stand up and bless her. Joel Osteen is a disgrace as well. You people need to wake up and fear God and know that its un natural and that Christ can bring you out of that bondage.Beleive it or not, mock if you’d like, they mocked Noah too, but know that judgement is coming and it’s coming soon.

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