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Elton John says young people are ‘complacent’ about HIV

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Reader comments

  1. Good for you, Elton! Young people are indeed becoming complacent about what constitutes “safe sex”. Now just go a step further, please, Elton and take a look at the Safe Sex materials created and distributed by THT and GMFA and ask: do these materials make young guys horny for sex or is their over-riding effect to make young guys stop in their tracks and resolve not to engage in risky sex in risky situations including all forms of risky clubs/saunas? And then, please, Elton, say something about the KIND of “safe sex” materials that young guys need to be continually exposed to.

  2. Simon Murphy 17 Nov 2009, 3:47pm

    Elton John is correct.

    Sadly young people won’t listen to him as he is quite simply too old, and too out of touch with normal life for him to be taken seriously.

    He raises some very valid points but I personally lost all respect for him when I realised he was spending £500,000 a year on flowers. That’s just so ridiculously wasteful. Sure its his own money but if he’s going to lecture the world about safe sex then it be better to be less profligate and extravagant.

  3. Sadly its not just young guys, guys that are much older, perhaps in there 40’s are also having unsafe sex, perhaps they think, that 1 tablet could solve the problem if they get HIV, I have seen it happens often at different sauna, i’ve been to.

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