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Gay superheroes star in new comic

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Reader comments

  1. sounds funky but mired in steriotypes. might as well have a gay superhero called ‘mr assless-chaps’ what is wrong with having superheros who just happen to be gay?

  2. This is for adults, right?

  3. I go with Xaria; and Marvel did just that with a superhero character years ago, as I remember (but can’t remember the name). I saw this lot in the paper yesterday, and I wouldn’t mind but the whole thing is uber-tacky and really badly drawn. Some people should give up before they even start.

  4. It sounded great but trans are already making it hard for us to get rights as it is putting them in a comic book isn’t going to help OUR fight.

  5. eh? How are trans stopping anyone get rights? And how would a tackily produced cartoon make any difference if they did?

  6. Why is it trans people are always so f_cking hostile? ;)

  7. I didn’t know they were. Can somebody explain why there is an issue?

  8. After reading the article I’m reminded of The 99 which is an attempt at an Islamic superhero book. Whether the book is good or not will depend on the writing. If for example the only real feature of the characters is their gender or sexuality status, then it will probably fail. Real characters will keep the readers.

    As regards trans characters in comics, the Transgender Day of Remembrance just passed and many trans comic artists have done strips to commemorate this.

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