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‘Lesbians make better parents’, government advisor says

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Reader comments

  1. If lesbians indeed made better parents, there would be no need for men in the process of making the babies for them to raise!

  2. In your penultimate paragraph you refer to non-biological lesbian parents being “downgraded”. Whether we like it or not, the birth certificate is a record of your birth and BIOLOGICAL parentage. End of story. It is not a record of social bonds.

    The fight should not just be for lesbian parents, but all non-biological parents. Changing the birth certificate is not the way to go.

  3. “Whether we like it or not, the birth certificate is a record of your birth and BIOLOGICAL parentage. End of story”

    Not if you’re a straight couple. Example: – straight couple, Mr and Mrs X, use the Mrs X’s egg and donor sperm because of a problem with Mr X’s sperm. The birth certificate would have Mr X listed as the father, NOT the biological parent.

    This section in the article – “Lesbians undergoing IVF treatment can now record their partner as the second parent on the birth certificate” refers to the change in the law granting that same right, as explained above, to lesbian couples.

  4. “mending “broken” society” — That sounds very ominous… Let’s hope that predictions of a next Tory government are largely exaggerated.

  5. I’m waiting on the statistics that show Civil Partnerships have a lower rate of divorce then straight marriage to complete a picture of more stable, long term happy families in our community to throw back in the face of gay bashers. Any other minority group which displayed higher levels of in-group caring, education, consumption, parenting and income would be lauded from the roof tops by political parties as role models – instead we continue to seek equality and positive re-inforcement from the media and politicians… this story get zero visibility beyond pink news.

  6. The Menstruator 16 Nov 2009, 2:49pm

    this is not shocking in the least and should also prove other points like fathers are just not needed in general. that males are mostly savages.

  7. Vincent Poffley 16 Nov 2009, 3:20pm

    Ah yes, I was wondering how long it would take for the irrational sexist comments from the militant misandrist lesbian crowd to emerge.

  8. Tim Hopkins 16 Nov 2009, 3:53pm

    Iris (#3): You’re right, and it’s also the case now that two women who are civil partners, and do their own donor insemination with donated sperm, both go on the birth certificate as the two parents.

    Anyone considering voting Tory, and who believes that these parenting laws and also adoption laws, should be equal, might want to consider carefully Iain Duncan-Smith’s reported position.

    It is the new laws on parenting that are most vulnerable to potentially being rolled back by people who don’t support complete equality for LGBT people.

  9. JDA_Glasgow 16 Nov 2009, 6:54pm

    PLEASE tell me this is a ‘spoof’ report! I’m a gay man – and out – but I find it extremely difficult to believe that lesbians are ‘better’ at bringing up children than a straight couple in a stable marriage/relationship! And what on earth is the ‘National Academy of Parenting Practitioners’? I’ve never heard of this before – and who funds it?

    I sometimes despair of this type of ‘news’!

  10. why is this so shocking? two women cant do better WITHOUT a man? are you for real? next you’ll be saying lesbians are just waiting for the right man..

  11. Tim Hopkins 17 Nov 2009, 10:07am

    JDA_Glasgow (#9): What research has shown is that, on average, children of same-sex couples (women or men) grow up more accepting of human diversity and of people different from themselves. Not too surprising considering the discrimination that same-sex couples have had to overcome.

  12. When people are critical and hostile to your parenting from the outset and you are under the spotlight, it generally keeps you on your toes. On the other hand, heterosexuals are generally assumed to have a natural aptitude for it. The results of this complacency are disastrous.

  13. Robert, ex pat Brit 17 Nov 2009, 2:07pm

    I can just hear the religous wackos seething, more ammunition to fight against full equality no doubt.

  14. Robert, ex pat Brit 17 Nov 2009, 2:11pm

    JDA-Glasgow….even if this is true and probably is to some extent, society has to ask the question. If having a straight mother and father is the norm for society and supposedly the best environment which has NEVER been proved, then why do many of their children become tomorrow’s criminals,racists, bullies, gay bashers and killers, school dropouts not interested in getting a good education? Why are our prisons overwhelmingly filled with straight criminals?

  15. comment 14. What are you talking about? Straight father and mother is the norm, that is beyond argument, because that’s how babies are made. Presumably you were born of Straight parents, and you are neither a criminal nor Gay basher, killer or rascist! Sexual orientation has nothing to with criminality, and I am sure that the Gay comunity is ably represented in jail, if statistics were made, or truth told!

    In any case, this is not a Gay vs. Straight issue. Gay parenting is new, therefore it is good to hear that lesbians make great parents, in order to meet objections to it.

    But it does not help anybody to bash Straigth parenting. It just wón’t wash, unless there is a natural way to stop straight people having babies the natural way!

  16. “Ah yes, I was wondering how long it would take for the irrational sexist comments from the militant misandrist lesbian crowd to emerge”… Vincent!! How does saying this make you any better?? I am a single lesbian mother who has single-handedly raised two inclusive, loving, diverse, well-rounded and well-liked straight daughters. Most people, men and women, have the ability to be a good parent raising good children. I have equal sets of friends, lesbian couples and gay men couples raising babies and children and I can’t point to any and say they are better because of their gender. But calling names doesnt help any of us in this community. I hate when gay men attack lesbians and I hate it when lesbians attack gay men. None of it is right and none of it helps our community in the least way. How you get along with all people, of all ilks and sexualities and races and cultures teaches our children a better way to be than bashing ourselves into the ground.

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