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‘Homophobic’ Beenie Man concerts axed in Australia and New Zealand

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Reader comments

  1. Oh he won’t be happy. Good I say!

  2. “Good I say!”

    So do I. What made them even think it would be OK to employ him?

  3. Good to hear he’s been cancelled at these events. He might have his freedom of speech, but no-one should ever prosper, financially or otherwise, from singing lyrics to a large audience which incite hate crimes.

  4. Har Davids 16 Nov 2009, 2:17pm

    Inciting violence in general should cost people money, not just homophobes!

  5. I take it he will be able to play in the U.K???

    freedom of speech

  6. Fantastic news hit this vile pond life where it hurts in his pocket I hope you continue to lose more revenue in the coming months and years.

  7. There is a widespread but fundamentally wrong-headed impression that freedom of speech means the freedom to say absolutely anything at all however offensive.

  8. Peter Tatchell wrote: “The success of this campaign sends a warning message to all murder music artists: inciting homophobic violence will cost you money. You will lose out big time.”

    Well, said, Peter! I love you!

  9. He is scum and shouldn’t be allowed to play anywhere.

  10. shame the haters do the better Reggie =[

  11. New Beenie Man Song:

    There once was a guy named Beenie Man
    He’s angry he got a little weenie man
    He hated being gay, bashes those the same way
    afraid to accept he’s a queenie man

    So this itsy bitsy teeny-weenie
    likes to wear a Yellow Polka-Dot Bikinis
    didn’t expect, gays fight back
    and they slammed shut the door to little weenie man

    RE. Wells

  12. Too damn right,the vile homophobe should just stay in Jamaica.Well done Australia and New Zealand.Any chance the UK would follow suit? Probably not!

  13. Stan James 26 Dec 2010, 8:16am

    If you ever wondered why so many people reject religion this guy explains it.

    the natural allies of gays should be black people. Who have been exploited and enslaved and mass murdered by some “anything but” Christians over all of recorded history.

    And yet they are homophobic haters, some of them. In the califfornia propostion Hate case, 57 % of blacks voted to ban gay marriage.

    its all about religion and the curse of humanity. Both the same

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