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Carrie Prejean has another seven sex tape ‘mistakes’

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Reader comments

  1. This very silly woman seems to have made a lot of mistakes, and keeps on making them. She seems like a pretty typical representation of right-wing christian America- the ugly side of America.

  2. i’m thinking of that comment in Importance of Being Ernest about ‘losing one parent is a misfortune, to lose two is carelessness’ and trying to think how to paraphrase it in the case of this little amateur porn queen!

  3. With this revelation, and her subsequent fall from “frace, I now am tempted to feel sorry for Ms. Prejean. I can’t imagine how she will be able to learn her lesson after all these terrible things happened to her. Surely a just God wouldn’t punish the righteous this severely?

  4. Perhaps she should have thought of those videos & photos before going public as a bigot. No sympathy for her whatsoever, she’s the maker of her own downfall.

    As for the religious right severing ties with her…well, I strongly suspect many of them are also total hypocrites who are hiding affairs or similar such indiscretions. Their time will come too, possibly when they are discovered to be cheating on their wives with rent boys whilst protesting they are straight and were led astray by that topless pic of some sports hero when they were 14 years old.

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 17 Nov 2009, 1:25am

    I ain’t perfect, but I’m perfectly speechless right now.

  6. CommanderThor 17 Nov 2009, 1:32am

    What goes around comes around :) I hope she now repents from being a bigot – afterall, the clause against homosexuality is in the bible to test people’s intelligence!

  7. nelson mutz- HAHA!

  8. Pumpkin Pie 17 Nov 2009, 3:29am

    I feel the need to repost something I said in response to the last Prejean article:-

    I think I just realised why I was feeling sorry for her: she’s a walking catastrophe and is doing such an impeccable job of screwing herself over that I just find it hard to want to add even more insult to injury. It’s like if somebody who assaulted me all of a sudden started violently beating themself up. I’d just have the urge to walk away very quickly and never look back. It’s just too morbid and freakish. Feel free to throw a few punches yourselves, though. :D

    Yeah, this is getting almost too cringeworthy for schadenfreude. What’s she going to do for an encore? Some hilarious slapstick routine featuring an errant banana peel and an open manhole cover? I’m almost beginning to think this is all some elaborate parody.

  9. Vo Dong Cung 17 Nov 2009, 7:01am

    The “God” in her body, hahaha…………

  10. “some of which she can be heard moaning in.” – attah grrl; moan for daddy!

    trollop |ˈträləp|
    noun dated or humorous
    a woman perceived as sexually disreputable or promiscuous.

  11. Do you realize that she’s made more movies than ZsaZsa?!?!?

  12. Exploring your own body is not the biggest mistake in her life. Most humans enjoy that kind of self-exploration and we take great offense to that comment. The biggest mistakes of her life is recording it to that boyfriend without getting something to ruin his life and being a hypocritical bigot and calming that Americans have a choice when it comes to marriage and most LGBTI people don’t get that privilege of a choice. I don’t like mean-spirited women like her because she ruins it for the open-minded and kind religious folks. Boo to her!

  13. AAAAAAAAhaaaahaaahaaahaaahaaahaaahaahaahaaahaa…excuse me a moment I have to catch my breath …haaahaaahaaahaahaaahaahaahaaahaahaahaahaa.
    What was that thing her pinup boy said [no I’m not talking about the Denver Broncos] “Don’t pass judgement on other people, or you might be judged yourself”.
    Maybe she was waiting for the second cumming?

  14. You couldn’t make this up, could you? :D I can’t stop laughing. But then, in my opinion this is typical of extreme religious people. They are actually sad little people themselves and try to make themselves feel better by pointing the finger at other people and using their religion to pick out people that are ‘bad’, when they would be better off dealing with their own inadequacies.

    (NB: I said ‘extreme’ there. I do NOT mean normal religious people. I mean the loud, self-righteous fundies.)

  15. “In it, she wrote: “God gave us our bodies, and it’s perfectly right that we use them in ways where we can give glory to God by making our bodies, our temples of the Holy Spirit, strong and fast.””
    To paraphrase Hellboy, her body isn’t so much a temple as an amusement park!

  16. Some people are not actively hypocritical – they’re just so terminally thick that the contradiction between what they do and what they say to people whose approval they seek never occurs to them. Mind you, not seeing that lobbing them out for the camera and conservative Christian beliefs are uneasy bed-fellows is a pretty radical case.

  17. You could not write a funnier script…..

    Sean Hannity must be feeling an idiot, havingwritten the reface to her book.

  18. Usually I would not enjoy another’s misfortune… But if anyone ever deserved this, it is most certainly this woman.
    Karma is such a beautiful thing. Hopefully this will keep her off air from now on!

  19. Mumbo Jumbo 17 Nov 2009, 2:09pm

    It’s good to see a hypocrite fingered.

    *gets coat and leaves*

  20. It was moderately amusing the first time round. This time it’s pathetic.

    It’s also bad for debate because the inference is that the religious right are all at it, one way or another, and that their religiosity is paper-thin. Nobody could cynical enough to think that, surely, could they?!

    It’s quite possible that Act III of this unedifying drama would have this silly, silly woman on national prime-time TV, repenting with the help of a preacher or three, weeping buckets, and finding the Lord. It would all be pure hokum, American-style.

  21. Will she get out of the news for good now or reappear later like a bad rash?

    Next time we see her she’ll be claiming to be a born again christian and an ex gay

  22. 21stCenturySpirituality 17 Nov 2009, 4:27pm

    Being dropped by the ‘religious right’. And thats a bad thing because….

  23. You know, when you compare the likes of Carrie spouting forth her pious nonsense, and then think of the courage and fortitude shown by people such as James Parkes who was beaten half to death by 13 cowardly teenage delinquents, then there really is no contest whatsoever as to who is the better person who lives their life in helping making a positive difference for the lives of others.

    Its just a great shame that James Parkes doesn’t command the sort of publicity that Carrie does. He’d be a much better influence on people if it was he on TV instead of bigots like Carrie.

  24. karma sure is one mutha of a boomerang, eh carrie??

  25. Did somebody say this silly woman has a BOOK? That’s the most disturbing thing of all.

  26. Rose, not as disturbing as Sarah Palin having a book. Or knowing how to read.

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