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Buenos Aires issues first gay marriage licence following last week’s court ruling

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Reader comments

  1. Meanwhile, back in the United States, cultists, puritans and run-of-the-mill hate-mongers are doing their damnedest to deny citizens full civil rights.

  2. It is very sad that Argentina is now officially ahead of the United States with regard to freedom, liberty, and equality. and here I was obviously under the mistaken idea that these were the hallmarks of my country. Instead, we live under religious dogma, hatred, bigotry, and persecution. Welcome to America!

  3. Tim Hopkins 17 Nov 2009, 9:58am

    And ahead of the UK as well of course! We are in danger of allowing our governments (UK and Scottish) to rest somewhat complacently on the laurels of their achievements on LGBT equality over the previous decade, and of being overtaken by more and more other countries.

  4. Well done, Argentina.Why can’t CPs be challenged under the grounds of discrimination here?

  5. That is just smashing news!!! Well done Argentina…. lets see what happens to the straight couple that is seeking a civil partnership in the High courts, should be interesting.

  6. Robert, ex pat Brit 17 Nov 2009, 7:27pm

    Tim, Iris, absolutely! Not one British judge would have the guts to do it, if only. If it did, that would put StonewallUK on the fast track to oblivion where it belongs. Its a disgrace. What has happened to the petition that many of us signed several weeks ago? How is that doing in terms of numbers and who is it going to be presented to? Forget about Gordon. Maybe it should be given to David Cameron, at least it will give us a chance to see just how pro equality he and his party claim to be.

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