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Workplace equality and violence top concerns for Irish gays and lesbians

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Reader comments

  1. No surprise there.

    Our church-fearful government hasn’t the balls or foresight to protect its citizens, its more interested in keeping the church happy.

    Especially when you see the government of Ireland decided it was a smart thing to enshrine discrimination by religious institutions in the equality legislation, something abhorrent and cowardly of them to do, so basically any person working in a religious school or institution has no protection under Irish law for their job…. No protection, no comeback, or no legal recourse. Its a disgrace. And that same fear of the church also explains why our up and coming Civil Partnerships legislation will fall far short of its counterpart in the UK.

    The catholic church has a lot to answer for in Ireland:- hinder Irish culture and civil liberties for hundreds of years, watch its flock starve during the Great Famine, and impose draconian tortures on pregnant women, the list is endless…. and all the time was abusing children behind closed doors and protecting those abusers.