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Tories’ lesbian candidate just beats BNP in race for third place in Glasgow North East by-election

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  1. Vincent Poffley 13 Nov 2009, 9:17am

    The really worrying thing about this result is that the BNP polled roughly 5% of the vote. This means that racist, homophobic fascists account for roughly the same percentage of the population of Glasgow East as do LGBT people.

  2. Vincent: So what you’re saying is the only people that would vote for Ruth Davidson are LGBT people? (Or equally, that LGBT people wouldn’t vote for anyone else.) Just because she’s a lesbian means no straight would vote for her? Your logic is seriously flawed.

    Likewise with the BNP. They may have many racists and homophobes amongst their official ranks, but many people that now vote for them are ordinary working class Brits that feel let down and disenfranchised by the three major parties, particularly, but not exclusively, regarding their non-existent immigration polices.

    Cabbages are green, but not everything that’s green is necessarily a cabbage.

  3. As much as I loathe the ideas of the BNP I think you’ll find them doing well in next years General Election. People aren’t so much voting for them because of their racist, homophobic views but more because there is no party any more to speak for the work force, immigration and the values of being British. People in this country seem to be getting angry and sick of the politians. Lots of people just won’t vote but I say if you don’t vote you can’t moan. While I certainly won’t be voting for the BNP I won’t be either for the main three parties. Maybe if we had a mixed party parliament we get a more democratic parliament.

  4. David Jones 13 Nov 2009, 10:05am

    I’m so pleased that this woman’s lesbianism has been widely trailed – it will ensure even more Tory voters turn to the only political party which opposes the flaunting of homosexuality and lesbianism – BNP.

  5. RobN: People are certainly disenfranchised by the current Labour government, myself included, but that is no reason to turn to the extreme end of the scale and vote for the BNP. There were lots of choices available to voters in this by-election as the article lists. So its very sad that there were 1013 racists in this by-election. Having said that, the voter turn-out of just under 1/3 of those eligible in Glasgow North-East is a record low. I’d say this low-turnout indicates voter apathy and weariness about government in general than the pond-life who voted BNP.

  6. Glasgow NE is one of the poorest, most deprived parts of the country. One would think that after 12 yers of Labour deliberately keeping them poor and deprived the residents might have had the gumption to try something new.

    But no, unthinking, uncritical sheep they vote for more of the same misery and hopelessness.

    Some people are just too thick to vote.

  7. She’ll be back. The way politics works is that candidates go for a never-win seat for experience, then get something more winnable and juicy the next time.

    With more expense-criminal MPs standing down at the next election (rather than beong put in prison for stealing as they should) i wouldn’t be surprised if she pops up in Wiltshire or Surrey at the next election.

    What a nightmare for the Liberal Democrats! 400 votes and behind a Nazi and a Communist party? Nick Clegg is a joker and needs to be booted out. They are going to be crucified at the next election

  8. I really hope your right Julian but don’t be blind in the fact they might do better than anyone expects!

  9. Yes Julian that is sometimes how it works.

    Indeed where I live the Tory candidate in 2005, Margot James, is from lesbania and she is standing in Stourbridge this time which she is expected to win comfortably.

  10. Brian Burton 13 Nov 2009, 12:38pm

    Politics have always been farcical. It’s criminal when one party can take office on less than one third of the peopls consent.

  11. Simon Murphy 13 Nov 2009, 12:41pm

    “According to the Sun, she said: “I don’t believe sexuality is an issue now. In terms of the Conservative Party”

    Oh but it is Ruthie

    Your party is in an alliance with a fascist Polish party in the Europarliament – a party who stand accused of homophobia and anti-semitism, and whose leader believes that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation.

    Plus of course Iain Duncan Smith who would be tasked with social policy if the Tories win the next election. He is the founder of the Centre for Social Justice – along with crazed, christian bigot Philippa Stroud – a group which campaigns to reduce the parental rights of non biological gay parents.

  12. Simon, and those gays in the Soviet gulag, and even now in Cuba had such a great time. It’s funny how gay rights have advanced in US and western Europe, not in your socialist paradise.

    The Polish party stands accused – therefore in Milliband speak – they are guilty. David Milliband’s father was a communist who took money from the Soviets to try to increase Soviet propaganda in UK, and his grandfather fought for the Bolsheviks against the Whilte Russians. And we take moral lessons from the Millibands?

    And of course that great socialist and champion of fairness got his dad to have a wordwith his mate, the dean, to get him into Oxford with 2 Ds and a B. Great egalitarian.

    I wonder how far someone whose father and grandfather were Nazis would get on in British politics. Stalin and Mao are fine though, the biggest murderers of all time.

  13. good for you lady-in-a-party-that-sees-you-as-nothing-more-than-a-joke

  14. Sylvia Howard 13 Nov 2009, 2:07pm

    We are not gay, but have many gay friends. We have just come back from Florida with our gay neighbor who we have known for years. As far as the Tories are concerned I suggest you check Stonewall website and their views of Baroness Warsi. She had a go at Nick Griffin on Question Time about him not wanting homosexuality taught in primary schools’ When a candidate in 2007 she campagned against teaching children about homosexuality in schools in Muslim areas, and against mass immigration in white areas. She is a hypocrite. She also agreed with Griffin on immigration. I have to tell you that the BNP have gays in their party, and many Jews as well. I met a lady who told me that lots of members have foreign spouses and no one could care less. She is a doctor who was on the leaked list. Things aren’t always what they seem it appears.

  15. Vincent Poffley 13 Nov 2009, 3:04pm

    Of course I am not saying that the only people voting for Ruth Davidson are LGBT people. Why would anyone think I am? I merely noted that LGBT people account for roughly 5% of the population of Glasgow East, which they do because they account for roughly 5% of the population everywhere. This is what numerous studies tell us.

    And as for people voting BNP not being racists, homophobes or fascists, that is a somewhat naive claim. It is impossible, in the current political climate, to be unaware that the BNP is an unashamedly racist, homphobic and fascistic party. Therefore voting for them indicates at the very least that one does not condemn racism, homohobia and fascism, and is willing to have these things as a force in government. Such people I have no hesitation to label racists, homophobes and fascists – and if they wanted to make a protest vote there are plenty of non-fascistic parties they could have voted for, like UKIP or one of the others.

    Perhaps if we were living under conditions similar to those of Nazi germany in the 1930s, and the BNP were a major political party or required membership for all citizens, we might be able to say that voting for a fascist party does not make you a fascist. But we are so far from that it’s not even funny. As such, voting for a fascist party seems to me a very good indicator that you are, in fact, a fascist.

  16. Sorry Vincent but think you are naive if you think that BNP are not appealing to a lot of people because they want to make a stand on being British. A lot of people see our main parties selling out with immigration and putting a lot of british born (of any race etc) second. Being patriotic seems to be a racist word these days. A lot of people do see they’re deeper causes as nasty but they also want a party that represents them as being British. Unless the main parties (and we) accept that, they will success in winning ground. Something we must all try and stop!

  17. Vincent Poffley 13 Nov 2009, 4:10pm

    These people might well want to make a stand on “being British” (whatever that’s supposed to mean), but the very fact they let this nebulous and ill-defined idea take precedence over the obvious racism and homophobia of the BNP indicates without a shadow of a doubt that they are fascists. Only a fascist could acquiesce in the creeping advance of fascism these days – we do not have the excuse they had in the 20s and 30s, the lessons of history cannot be unlearned. Fascism is not a normal political position – it is so noisome and ugly and dangerous that allowing it any ground is much too much. By not opposing them as vehemently as possible they are acquiescing in fascism. Furthermore, the very idea that expressing national sentiment is more important than avoiding discrimination is at the very heart of what nationalist fascism is all about.

  18. Please enlighten us Harvey. What defines “being British”?

  19. The fact remains that unless the parties and we start to listen to why some people are voting for the BNP we can expect those people to remain unable to get a voice from any of the main 3 parties and vote for the next strongest which is the BNP. Unless we listen and realise many of these new BNP voters concerns we are giving this vile party an open road to success. Many are Not voting because they are racist or homophobic but because nobody is listening. Nobody is standing up for them. I’ve suffered nearly 5 years of racism and homophobia from asians in Bethnal Green who show no tolerance for gay people to the point I had to be moved. I would Never vote for the BNP but please be clear racism is alive within other communities. I had to struggle to be heard. This whole will become dangerous unless someone starts to listen!

  20. Being British is personal to everyone but to me it stands for being proud to be part of a extremely diverse and amazing cultural country that opens its arms out to those in need and accepts all, Listens and stands tall.

    Whats slightly disturbing and maybe part of the overall problem is the fact you picked up on the phrase “being British” as if it was something wrong and have to ask what it means?

  21. The Halcyon 13 Nov 2009, 5:27pm

    I think Ruth Davidson is wrong when she claims sexuality isn’t an issue – look at all the hoo-hah over the free speech/hate speech going backwards and forwards between the House of Lords and House of Commons.

    And would a political party which isn’t necessarily likely to have a working majority in the next Parliament (signs do point towards a hung Parliament or a very slim majority) put a bunch of risky candidates in marginal areas? Doubt it.

  22. So you say that to you, an important part of being British, is:

    “…being proud to be part of a extremely diverse and amazing cultural country that opens its arms out to those in need and accepts all…”.

    Good, I applaud that. But then you must surely see that Britain is a country built on immigrants, not just in recent years, but thinking of the Victorian era, Georgian era and of course all the way back to the nords, picts, celts etc, who at some point or another chose to settle in what is now Britain.

    So, whether our predecessors moved here 1, 2, or 50 generations ago, we’re all immigrants at some point and so seperating immigrant Britons from those who have been here for x generations is rather meaningless.

  23. Vincent Poffley 13 Nov 2009, 5:51pm

    I find the idea that people are voting BNP “because nobody else is standing up for them” extremely unlikely. For a start, the BNP are nowhere NEAR being “the fourth largest” political party in the UK. In terms of the percentage of votes they garnered in the last general election in 2005, they got a mere 0.7% of the vote, compared with the Green Party at 1% and UKIP at 2.2%. They have no seats in the House of Commons (even the Social Democratic and Labour party has three, and Respect has one) and a mere two local councillors in the entire country. The very idea that people support them because they might realistically change anything is utterly laughable.

    But none of this changes the fact that someone who places vague feelings of being hard done by over and above the very real and explicit fascism of a political party is, de facto, a fascist. They may resent this label, but it doesn’t change the fact that it fits them. People who think that immigration policy is more important than basic civilized norms of equality and decency are fascists.

  24. Exactly George!

  25. It may well be laughable Vincent but the fact remains that it is actually happening for a reason. They will grow stronger while people keep there heads in the sand over the real reasons. If the powers that be and they’re followers deny and shut off from these ‘lost’ voters the BNP will for sure play on that and will say what they want to hear. They will get stronger and then we will all be in trouble. Listen Now Don’t pay for not doing so later!!

  26. George:- one of my ancestors came over from Portugal in the 16th century and is one of the leading so founders of modern day Judisam in England in 1656 so well aware of immigrants making up this society.

  27. Vincent – I never said the BNP were the ‘fourth largest party’, I said strongest. People will turn to they consider strongest.

  28. Brian Burton 13 Nov 2009, 6:41pm

    I have been around the block a few times and I have seen over a lot of years these wannabee Fascists grow a little bit and always look scary. Nowadays of course, hate speaches they used to spout are against the law. Their marches through towns years ago consisted of mainly skin-head, brainless types. Now they are pretending to be interlectuals, it’s usually the interlectuals in my estimation, who are the stupidest! Then suddenly they fade into the background like the ‘National Front’ did and were regenerated into BNP. They will die too!

  29. Sister Mary Clarence 13 Nov 2009, 6:49pm

    We things take a turn for the worse the underbelly of society will always do well, I think I made this point long ago when someone was ranting on about what a fantastic job NuLabour was doing despite the devastation of our economy.

    This country we love has been built on an open door immigration policy far predating even the sixteenth century. Those pesky Anglo Saxons and the bloody Romans, all over us like a rash.

  30. Brian Burton 13 Nov 2009, 8:20pm

    Sister Mary Clarence, You sound like a ranting right winger. The BNP needs you deary!!

  31. Philip Davidson 14 Nov 2009, 1:05am

    Cliches Definition:
    Something that people have said or done so much that it has become boring or has no real meaning. ( Institutional racism.)

    McCarthyism Definition:
    The act of accusing someone of something that is considered unacceptable by many people, especially when you have no proof
    McCarthyism is named after the United States politician Joseph McCarthy, who in the 1950s accused many United States Americans of being Communists. She was a victim of McCarthyism.

    Americano There are 35 sovereign states in the Americas, 23 in North America and 12 in South America. When we say America we mean the United States of America. Do not complain to me about saying America. It’s a young country they do not understand where they live yet. It’s a bit like calling England Europe when England is England and not Europe as there are many other countries in Europe and the Americas. I always find the misuse of America awkward.

    So if we can get back to British 1980s 2009 political motivated words/power words words that were used to intimidate others.

    Propagandist Definition: Someone who creates or spreads propaganda. Communist/Nazi/Republican/right-wing propagandists.

    Nonsensical Definition: Silly or stupid. It’s nonsensical to blame all the world’s troubles on one man.

    Soundbite Definition: A short sentence or phrase that is easy to remember, often included in a speech made by a politician and repeated in newspapers and on television and radio. Most politicians want to master the art of the soundbite.

    Hypocrisy Definition: When someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe or that is the opposite of what they do or say at
    another time. There’s one rule for her and another rule for everyone else and it’s sheer hypocrisy.

    Intimidation Definition: To frighten or threaten someone, usually in order to persuade them to do something that you want them to do
    or think. The campaign of intimidation against them intensifies daily.

    Condemnation Definition: When you condemn something or someone. A condemnatory speech/tone.

    Catchphrases Definition: A phrase which is often repeated. Combat/fight/tackle/Fascism/racism/prejudice/institutional racism.

    Indoctrinate Definition: To often repeat an idea or belief to someone in order to persuade them to accept it. Some parents were critical of attempts to indoctrinate children in green ideology. They have been indoctrinated by television to believe that violence is normal. Religious/political/ideological indoctrination.

    In the 1990s we saw the English nationality disappear it become solely British/African/Jamaican/Asian/Irish/other. And so on.
    Ntionality Definition: The official right to belong to a particular country. English Definition the English the people of England.
    British Definition: British of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    The word that seems to be feared most is English. You can get English hooligans. English drunken louts. The shameful English.
    But you do not get the drunken British. The drunken British football hooligans. It must always be English.

    We are living in interesting times. Eventually the English are going to have to be accepted as being English, if Scotland and Ireland eventually go their own way as in being part of the European “community” the English cannot suddenly just become Europeans because they will have to be Europeans from where? England and people in England are called the English.

    The campaign to make the English ashamed of being English is coming to an end. I cannot wait to find out what the English are going to be called.
    Shameful imperialists shameful drunken hooligans shameful racists shameful blah blah blah. What do you think? What will the English called?

  32. Sylvia Howard 14 Nov 2009, 1:27am

    To Harvy I would say, that being British, is Englih, Irish, Scotish, or Welsh. When the earliet people split up and formed their own comunities and later countries, that is when they shaped their culture and identity. Identity is very important, because it is the glue that holds societies together. Before the war everyone knew each other, and everyone stuck together. It wasn’t perfect because we all know what gays suffered in those times. And single mums were frowned on. My mother was a single mum. Immigration has made the indigenous people feel they are nothing. If an African can arrive and after a while call himself English, then what are we? Reverse it and emigrate to Africa, will they see you as African? Of course not. You can be a citizen, but you will never be and African. The three parties just don’t get it. This is why the BNP will do well.

  33. Sylvia Howard 14 Nov 2009, 1:58am

    Sorry for hogging another page, but I would just like to add another point if I may. I don’t know if any of you have ever logged on to the BNP wesite and checked out the people attending meetings. I have, and I had a shock. They look nothing like the skin head knuckle draggers the media told us they were. And then off course there are the leaked lists, two of them recently. They are full of Doctors, accountants, Soldiers high up in the military and lower down, Lawyers, Professors and so on. Then you have ordinary families and pensioners. The reason I am pointing this out, is that you can’t say they are all idiots and fascists. I would never vote for them. But I wouldn’t be stupid enough to just brush this off.

  34. Simon Murphy 14 Nov 2009, 3:50am

    This Tory lesbian bint will be parachuted into another constituency (which she has no relation to) before the next election.

    It will be a safe seat that the party will expect her to win.

    The fact that she is a lesbian will be used by the Tory machine to pretend they are not trying to erode our rights.

  35. Simon Murphy 14 Nov 2009, 3:54am

    Lest we forget.

    The Tories respect christianity.

    And the type of christians who support the Tories on a deeper level are foaming-at-the-mouth bigots.

  36. Sylvia Howard – Very well put. Sadly we seem to live in a climate that people just don’t get it. Dare you mention it then you become a racist. Unless a lot of these heads stuck in the sand remove them, these extremist parties will succeed! I wouldn’t be suprised if the BNP have at least 1 or 2 MPs in Parliament after the next general election.

  37. Brian Burton 14 Nov 2009, 9:37am

    Sylvia Howard,
    You have seen and been entirely fooled by what you have read and seen on the BNP website, that’s a neat job they’ve done in that case.
    Harvey, I’ve already told you what I think!

  38. There’s non so blind…

  39. Brian Burton 14 Nov 2009, 9:45am

    Simon Murphy,
    Of course She will be put where ever the Torys think she’ll win. That is the way Polotics has been since time immamorial and will continue untill the system is changed and that cannot be too soon dear boy!

  40. If a lot of you only vote Labour because you like what you hear despite the mess we’re in the why should it be different with any other party with voters who don’t know where to look? Surely Labour are getting your vote because you darn’t look anywhere else, the BNP are facists, the Tories are homophobic…. yet people can’t get into there heads that a lot of people are actually not voting tory not because of there so called homophobic views there is a lot more besides. Homophobia probably doesn’t even enter the heads of most voters. Why would you kid yourself that people voting for the BNP are any different, voters that just want to be heard and no voice in the 3 main parties. May I remind you that in Dagenham and Barking there are now 12 BNP councillors!

  41. Matt Sephton 14 Nov 2009, 11:39am

    Well done Ruth! She put up a good show and was a super candidate! She will make an excellent MP one day I’m sure!

    And, as Ben Summerskill of Stonewall pointed out in the past month, he’s confident that there’ll be more out LGBT MPs on the Conservativ benches than any other after the next election! A definite move forward for the LGBT cause!

  42. Brian Burton 14 Nov 2009, 11:42am

    Simon Murphy,
    It’s Christian values and all that goes with it that has kept my Country stable unlike your Country that uses Religion for sectarianism, hate and murder. Stick that down your prejudiced gym-slip!

  43. BNP – the budding flower has thorns – beware of the soft exterior – these people are Nazis plain and simple and millions of peoiple died to rid the planet of them. Sadly they are growing again – don’t be fooled by their glib speeches and friendly approach – these are nasty vicious wolves in sheep clothing.

  44. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Nov 2009, 3:23pm

    Brian, I’m afraid you completely misunderstand me. This country has for years been invaded by peoples from overseas of imported workers as and when suits.

    The perception of the BNP is that if you are white you are British. I’m not sure where their ‘immigrant’ cut off lies in history, but in reality most ‘Indigenous British’, which I think what they like to refer to them as, are probably from German, Scandinavian, or Italian origin.

    As long as Britain provides good opportunities for immigrant workforce, we will continue to immigration into this country. As long as the government keeps throwing money at ‘Indigenous British’ people to languish at home all day on benefits the flood gates are open immigrant workers to come in and do the low paid jobs, as they have done for centuries. What we are now seeing is those immigrant workers have worked hard (paying taxes along the way, which are then paid out to others often not wishing work in lower paid employment), and are now reaping the benefits of starting at the bottom and working hard, but way of promotion and career advancement. Good luck to them as far as I’m concerned if they have worked hard, contributed to the economy and done well, they deserve to be rewarded for it.

    You’re right in some respects about me sounding right wing, because I’m about to. I’d like to see the indigenous population, or any others, that have got no intention of ever doing any work, or contributing to society, being shipped overseas if anyone is going to. Personally I cannot afford to support a seemingly ever increasing number of people who think its their God given RIGHT to claim benefits. The welfare state was supposed to be a safety net, not a way of life. People have lost their way, and I’m fed up waiting for tem to find it again.

    I recently had a discussion with a mate of one of my mates, who was complaining about Eastern Europeans coming over and taking jobs so he couldn’t get one. I pointed out to him that he’s never had a job in 23 years, and the Eastern Europeans hadn’t actually been here that long.

    If an influx of well skilled, hard working immigrants is what it takes to make people realise that life isn’t about taking every handout you can from society, its about working hard, learning skills that are of benefit, and using the skills, knowledge and abilities you have to benefit both society and yourself. As is invariably the case, we have bought everything that is happening on ourselves, as again as is invariably the case, there are those amongst us who would seek to blame others for our own errors.

  45. Brian Burton 15 Nov 2009, 7:44pm

    Sister Mary Clarence,
    I am sorry, I don’t know how old you are but for myself, I have been around the block a good few times. I remember Premier Harold MacMillan telling us, ‘You’ve never had it so good.’ You see the people you complain of, succsessive Governments have been happy to sweep that problem under the carpet because no Government since 1945 has not applied any kind of structure to deal with people on long time benifits. The last right winger in power to come a cropper was Maggie Thatcher and the Poll-Tax riots. Right wing politics when applied always lead to civil-disorder. It is harmony with the majority a Government should seek, not confontation. And, by majority I don’t mean ‘First past the post’ 43% minority Government that I’ve seen before Blairs 1997 landslide. Sorry if you think I was rather rude, I apologise!

  46. People, Now that Nick Griffin is standing for MP in Dagenham & Barking where their are already 12 councillors, Wake Up!! If you sheep don’t get your heads out of the sand and start seeing that people are turning to them NOT because they are’facists’ but because they feel they are being ignored on other events I do predict they will start to succeed and with it in time our rights many have worked hard for Will slowly decline!! Wake Up NOW!

  47. Brian Burton 16 Nov 2009, 10:08am

    Your a right ‘Gloom ‘n Doom’ merchant. So, you want us all to panic and run around like head-less chichens? The BNP have not got a single MP in Westminster, nor are they likely to have in the forseeable future. Our heads are out of the sand, go and Boil yours!

  48. Brian:- Actually I’m talking common sense. No one suggests panic but you and many others are being naive. If you and the like don’t wanna believe whats happening then clearly you have yourself to blame. Oh and yes we get it you’ve “been round the block”. In Dagenham and Barking which has a white population of just 18%, the lowest in the country they have 12 BNP councillors. Nick Griffin has just announced he plans to stand for election there. What makes you think he won’t get in? Has the been round the block left you so blind to whats happening or maybe you’ve gotten to old to care what’s left behind for the rest of us!

    And before anyone starts spoutin racism, my point is:- with such a low percentage of white people in Dagenham & Barking how can there be 12 BNP councillors?

  49. Christian values like murdering gays, lesbians and bisexuals? or the ones where it’s ok to lie? the term ‘Christian values’ is meaningless as it’s used to mean many different contradictory ideas

  50. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Nov 2009, 1:37pm

    Brian, posssibly not as old as you, but old enough to remember the pre-Thatcher years, and the destruction of the ecomony as the unions torn them and the country apart.

    I seem to remember then that Labour left power with the country on the verge of bankruptcy – so looks like left or right, either way we’re doomed

  51. I think it is encouraging to see the Tory party put forward an openly lesbian candidate in an election without making a big thing of it. It’s a progression which would have been hard to imagine during the Thatcher years. As for the parties the Tories have aligned themselves with in Europe. You will never find a party where the views of individuals within it are completely consistent. I wonder what the former Labour education secretary Ruth Kelly’s views on homosexuality were? Please enlighten me if anyone knows.

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