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New Zealand festival under pressure over homophobic reggae star Beenie Man

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Reader comments

  1. Who does he think he’s kidding?

  2. “hates no one, but admitted that the thought of two men together disgusted him.”
    Well i hate you too and you disgust me weenie man

  3. jonnielondon 14 Nov 2009, 12:23am

    If these crappy, homophobic jamaican bands can be banned in Canada and the U.K. they can surely be banned in N.Z.

  4. Why do organisers keep pissing around with this vile homophobic scumbag? Who care if he signed a document? I would sign anything if I thought I would be allowed to perform. –his a homophobe inciting the killing of gay men and women.

    I don’t care if he sang humpy dumpy at the gig the problem is people will buy his CDs including those which incite murder – we should not be helping him promote his vile sick homophobic views.

  5. “He claimed that … the only ‘gay’ relationships that exist in Jamaica are young men who are forced into gay sex by poverty.”

    Yeah – that’s because any Jamaican adult who tries to live an openly-gay independent life gets beaten up or hacked to pieces.

    I’m surprised NZ has even conidered allowing this creep into the country.

  6. There’s a great deal of liberal “go with the flow” “don’t rock the boat” “it’s cool to tolerate everybody” going on in New Zealand. In other words, the easy route. It avoids confrontation because confrontation is stressful.

    On this occasion let’s hope enough Kiwis choose to rock that damn boat and demand that this “Beenie Man” does not get to perform in the country.

    C’mon Kiwis!

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Nov 2009, 1:54am

    Gays of NZ, organize. Meet the homophobe at the airport with lots of pepper spray and give him a drink of Mr. Plumber!

    Did I say that?? Whatever.

  8. I’m glad to see I’m no the only Kiwi who complained – Looks like Beenie Man won’t be coming after all –

  9. Mihangel apYrs 16 Nov 2009, 8:09am

    where’s the usual suspects shouting about freedom of speech?

  10. New Beenie Man Song:

    There once was a guy named Beenie Man
    He’s angry he got a little weenie man
    He hated being gay, bashes those the same way
    afraid to accept he’s a queenie man

    So this itsy bitsy teeny-weenie
    likes to wear a Yellow Polka-Dot Bikinis
    didn’t expect, gays fight back
    and they slammed shut the door to little weenie man

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