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10-year-old refuses to pledge allegiance until there’s gay equality in the USA

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 13 Nov 2009, 5:10pm

    Wow – good for him.

  2. The Halcyon 13 Nov 2009, 5:22pm

    Especially coming from the Deep South. Smart kid.

  3. Rachel Titley 13 Nov 2009, 5:23pm

    I like that kid!

  4. What an inspiration this kid is.

  5. That takes some courage! A brave lad.

  6. That’s one incredibly brave kid right there. Can’t be easy to take a moral stand like that at that vulnerable age, but I hope he gets support from his parents and peers in the face of opposition.

  7. andrew williams england united kingdom 13 Nov 2009, 6:21pm

    Well done to this young american boy if more americans stood up and were counted and wrote to president obama maybe all americans would be treated fairly and equal. Gays die for america in war zones so america should give gays the respect and rights they deserve that other americans get.

  8. As a young transman, living in Arkansas, Will Phillips is my HERO. I came out as queer, when I was just eleven years old. I wish there were more kids like that ten years ago, and I lived in Southern California. I’m extremely glad that children today are showing open mindedness in public schools.

  9. Robert, ex pat Brit 13 Nov 2009, 6:38pm

    Out of the mouths of babes! This is the future generation of America that will win full equality for LGBT people. Well done, Will, you are an inspiration to every child in America and elsewhere.

  10. This kid has more balls than Obama!

    My sister refused to pledge alligance in middle school and was reprimanded severly. KUDOS to his parents for standing with him.

  11. Let’s hope this becomes a national trend.

  12. America might just have a chance at equality after all

  13. Wow, what an awesome kid!

  14. Good lad!

  15. Vincent Poffley 13 Nov 2009, 11:48pm

    Normally I’d be the first to decry the American Pledge of Allegiance as an odious piece of crude jingoistic nonsense. This story has changed my mind though – it does have a use after all!

  16. braver than most of stonewall put together.

  17. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Nov 2009, 2:00am

    Wow a 10 year old kid supportive of us gays – I am speechless!!!!

    Meanwhile Obama in America and Rudd in Australia do NOTHING for us gays at least in 10 to 15 years time I can safely say that things are changing and a sign of the times.

    Obama is “change we can NOT have or believe in, but still vote for me”

    Rhode Island Govonor quoted: “gays deserve NO burial rights” [how about we strip him of his right to get buried].

    Kevin Rudd: “I belive that marriage is between a man and a woman”

    Reporter: “on what grounds do you base that on?”

    Revin Rudd: “Well I will say it again, marriage [repeated]…”

  18. Simon Murphy 14 Nov 2009, 3:10am

    “braver than most of stonewall put together. ”

    Stonewall the organisation? I presume you don’t mean Stonewall – the EVENT?

    What a brave boy!

  19. its truley heart breaking that a kid of that age knows exactly the right thing to do whilst the rest of America would rather that we no longer existed (so much for the land of liberty)

  20. He is our future – I am proud of him – keep on doing what you are doing young man you could change the face of America

  21. Robert, ex pat Brit 14 Nov 2009, 2:52pm

    Xaria, exactly! StonewallUK needs to be shamed out of existence and its not fit to use the name of Stonewall that originated here in New York City where I live. Stonewall was about FULL equality, not legal segregation of our people from the rest of society.

  22. eas, please. “The *rest* of America”? What do you think so many of us fighting for? You cheapen and disparage American gays and people who fight for them with your comment.

    Please keep your prejudices against my country to yourself and concentrate on supporting everyone who supports human rights – not just those who don’t have to fight the awful stereotypes you assign to us.

  23. Brill..!
    Can you imagine that here in Britain!
    In Liverpool!
    Or more of a hoot, in N. Ireland!
    And even more of a hoot in pope-infested Eire!
    Or Leekland ‘am byth’…?
    Better stop…I’m wettin’ mesel…
    Keep ’em coming

  24. Hero of the year.

  25. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Nov 2009, 1:27am

    ‘When the newspaper asked Will what it means to be American, he replied:

    “Freedom of speech. The freedom to disagree. That’s what I think pretty much being an American represents.”‘

    Hello Land of the Free. Hope Obama is taking notes.

    Congratulations, Will Phillips, and to your parents as well.

  26. natasha wylie 15 Nov 2009, 12:35pm

    A brave young lad who is showing courage not only to those around him but to the world. May it echo from him like a breathe of fresh air around the world, and shame all of those who have forgotten how much they now take for granted.

  27. Finally, someone’s teaching their children the importance of exercising the 1st Amendment! He made the point that will be heard across the world. I’m damn proud of this young man, as an fellow American and as a fellow compatriot in gay rights. We could use him here in Iowa where we are fighting a constant battle with the religious right. The youth of Iowa desperately need his influence. Most of them have been polarized and confused by all the local conservative media and religious youth group leaders.

  28. I hope people remember Will this time next year when the gongs are being handed out.
    “I really don’t feel that there’s currently liberty and justice for all.”
    I’m nominating him for an award, anyways. Anyone want to second it? I really hope he gets news of this site (it being a UK one) and gets to read the support we are all giving him.

    Also, many thanks to his brilliant parents who are standing up for his right to be an individual and actually have an opinion. As many of you have said, he is our future … there is hope after all.

  29. Brainwashed kid. Oh no, silly me. That only applies if a child has religious convictions not political ones.

  30. I admire the lad. He is far older than his years would indicate. I think probably I shall do the same as he, the next time the occasion for the pledge comes around. Hooray for Will!

  31. Bent Sauer(Denmark) 16 Nov 2009, 7:56pm

    that’s my boy

  32. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if he started a movement? If children all over America started sitting down until equality was achieved. That would be a wonderful thing- I hope he inspires many others and that this snowballs.

  33. Fantastic ! way to go Will – he will be an excellent lawyer one day – it takes a child to teach adults how to do it ! RESPECT !

  34. Kevin Gets 17 Nov 2009, 6:26am

    I suppose this boy would be okay with Pedophiles having equal rights too? I mean, shouldn’t Pedophiles have the right to be with whom they wish. The boy is applying “his logic” way out of context. And of course the parents are gonig to back him up, they share the same DNA pool. A family of ignorants.

    – Kevin Gets

  35. Mihangel apYrs 17 Nov 2009, 8:24am

    and so so the counter-attack begins…

    No, Kevin. I suggest you look up the words “informed consent” firstly in a dictionary, then in a legal lexicon. Paedophilia has the same relationship to homosexuality as an ax-murderer has to a surgeon.

    The unquestioning behaviour of many Americans towards the flag, the Pledge, etc smacks less of patriotism than of a nationalism that is unquestioning (and we know where that leads!)

  36. Kevin Gets 18 Nov 2009, 5:48pm

    It took 35 posts before someone like me had to speak up.

    Just so you know…
    I’m not hiding behind religion. I am stating a fact… under the attitudes of the day when the Constitution was written, the relgious ethic of that time period surely did not imply same sex marriage to be inclusive. I view homosexuals not from a religious point, but rather like I do people born blind. People that are born blind have two eyes, yet there was a defect in a gene or chromosome or some other chemical imbalance that caused them to go blind. Same may also hold true for homosexuals… there may be a gene or chromosome or some chemical imbalance that has made their behaviour opposite of their gender. In my view, I would not give a blind person a drivers lisence for obvious reasons. I would not also condone same sex marriage because it is damaging to the human social fabric. I could go on about this but… this is not the venue for explaining the effects of homosexuallity within a social structure. Hate me if you wish… but I do not hate you. I believe that nature is “specific” in its own self preservation, and therefore I believe that homosexuality is an aberration in the human condition that tries to destroy the intent of human preservation and bondness. I can’t hate a homosexual, just like I cannot hate a blind person. I would like to see a genome study done to see if there may be an indicator. But… we all know that sexuallity is no really physical, it is more psychological than physical. So… is there some hormonal imbalance that my be effected by turning on or off a gene. My whole issue here is that homosexuallity is not the “norm’, just as blindeness is not the “norm”. Statistically, the plot of the normal distribution clearly shows that nature slants greatly toward heterosexual practices. I hope this is somewhat clariying.

  37. Kevin Gets 18 Nov 2009, 6:22pm

    Regarding the term “homophobic”, which I think is mis-used. I don’t like women who smoke, does this mean I am “smoke-aphobic”? No, I find smoking repulsive! I don’t find over weight women attractive, does this make me “over-weight-aphobic”.? No, I find over weight women repulsive. Just because I disagree with homosexuallity does not make me fear you, I simply find your lifestyle… repulsive.

  38. Kevin Gets 18 Nov 2009, 8:46pm

    On post #36 I made an error in my communication to you, I said “normal distribution”, when I really meant to say ” binomial distribution”. Sorry about that… I’ve been busy working on a project that was normally distributed and so I ran down the wrong path. Again… I meant to say in post #36 “binomial distribution”.

    Kevin Gets

  39. conducted a study among 328 viewers of a new clip discussing a student who refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in support of gay marriage. The majority of viewers (66%) reported that the student should not be forced to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. While the majority of respondents supported the student after watching the video, prior to viewing the video, the majority of viewers (65%) indicated that students “should be” forced to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. More in depth results can be seen at:

  40. “yet there was a defect in a gene or chromosome or some other chemical imbalance that caused them to go blind. Same may also hold true for homosexuals”
    Kevin Gets i suspect you actually dont get much of anything

    Being gay is natural and present in many species, and perhaps you could also explain why same sex marriage would “damage the fabric of society” since we have had partnerships in the UK for a while now and enjoy much less hate crime than America

    “Statistically, the plot of the normal distribution clearly shows that nature slants greatly toward heterosexual practices. I hope this is somewhat clariying.”
    Yes, it means there aren’t as many of us
    There are also more white people in the USA than black, that doesn’t mean the white people should own the black people or treat them as inferior though
    And the thing which damages society is ignorant tw*ts like you who would have been the first to own a slave if it was legal again
    You are a bitter excuse for a human

  41. Alan Canon 20 Nov 2009, 6:24pm

    The analogy made about blind people and drivers’ licenses is completely hollow. I believe it’s most probable that sexual orientation is genetically determined, not a choice (which of us would consciously choose to be alienated from our families, and a great chunk of society, even to risk death a la Matthew Shepard.) And I’ll agree that blindness is often genetic in origin. But driving a car and marriage are no analogues. If the poster was being honest, he would say that he would deny marriage licenses to the blind.

    For the record, I’m a (pretty much) straight male from Louisville Kentucky in the American South, and Will Phillips recent bravery makes me weep with joy and hope that with people like Will coming up in the world, someday prejudice against homosexuality (and other forms of prejudice, such as sexism and racism, which Will has also pointed out) will go the way of the dinosaur.

    I send my greetings to British readers, fellow countrymen/women of the late Alan M. Turing, mathematician, homosexual, founder of modern computer science, and WWII codebreaker on the side of the Allies. I’ve stood before Turing’s WWII workplace at Bletchley Park, near Milton Keynes (hope I’ve spelt it right.) It is one of the most moving historical sites in England.

  42. Homosexual behavior is less frequent than heterosexual behavior. That does not make it pathological. The consensus among psychologists and psychiatrists is that homosexuality is not an illness or symptomatic of mental illness. Attempts to change someones sexual orientationb are seen as harmful and likely to fail. As far as Christianity is concerned, nowhere in the Bible does Jesus have anything negative to say about it. He does have negative things to say about hypocracy, though. Also, homosexual behavior occurs among non human mammals so it is not “unnatural”. As to blind people, should it be illegal for them to marry?

  43. That is so coooool!

    Great kid for standing up for LGBT rights but not just our rights but equal rights for all!

    I hope th young generation would stand up to equal rights for all people including LGBT peeps! Im glad that our generation is more accepting than most of the older generation who are close minded and bigoted. More young people are not afraid to come out now and i am proud to say that i am gay. :o)

    Will Phillips for president lol! :P

  44. Har Davids 22 Nov 2009, 7:19pm

    Good for him and his parents, who seem to willing to make this boy a genuine human being, in stead of a bigot.

  45. Kevin Gets 23 Nov 2009, 8:08am

    Reply to posts 40,41,42. — I never said that we should change someone who is homosexual. I am suggesting that homosexuallity is an aberration within the human genome and that it might be considered a kind of defect… like blindness is a kind of defect.

    I think it would be wonderful if we as a human race could detect flaws in the genome and correct them before the baby is born. For example, it would be nice to detect diabetes — correct it — then when the baby is born it can have a fully functional pancreas. I also do not mean to imply that a homosexual is “flawed”… just that it goes against nature and that detecting homosexuality in the womb — and correcting it before birth — might be good.

    I do not see a problem with my logic and I do not see why people call me names and get angry at me when I am trying to explain my position. Someone called me “bitter” and called me a “tw*t”… how can you infer that about me just from my comments? I just think it would be great if we could prevent ALL birth defects so that babies can live good lives. I simply consider homosexuallity a form of birth defect… like blindness, diabetes, and other kinds of aberrations.

  46. Kevin Gets 23 Nov 2009, 8:15am


  47. Alix Lowe 7 Jan 2010, 6:15pm

    Kevin, the reason that the people on this site have judged you as a ‘tw*t’ etc purely on your comments is because they are rude. You are insulted by these comments, just as you have insulted those who are LGBT here by saying that they have a birth defect. How would you like it if you were told that something that was important to you, a key aspect of your life and a part of what made you who you are was a birth defect and you were a genetic , failure? That is a prejudice that many LGBTs have tried to have removed for years.
    And as for this ‘cure’ of yours, how would you like it if some one made you gay, without your permission, because they thought it would benefit you, that it was how you were meant to be.

    Just because the idea of sex with another man appeals you does mean that you have to think all homosexuality is wrong. My close friend hates the idea of sex with a woman, but that doesn’t mean she thinks it is wrong.

    Futhermore, may i ask why you are commenting on a site called pinknews when you are so obviously opposed to the fundemental purpose of this site?

  48. Getting back to the point …

    This young man is amazing

    I wish him all the best for a bright future

  49. Could EVERYONE please ignore Kevin Gets ?

    This was suposed to be about Will Philips and i fear that Mr Gets is stealing his limelight and “WE” wouldn’t want that would we ?

    Gtreat you have “YOUR” oppinions BUT and im being polite keep them to yourself
    Thank you

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