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Argentinian judge permits gay couple to marry

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Reader comments

  1. Twenty-one words of wisdom and decency:

    “The law should treat everyone with the same respect according to their singularities, without the need to understand or regulate them”.

    Gracias y enhorabuena a esta jueza y a todos los Argentinos.


  2. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 15 Nov 2009, 4:51am

    There is a bill pending a vote soon in the Argetilian Congress (not to be confused with the US Congress) to allow same sex couples the very right to get married under the Family and Marriage Code.

  3. David Griff 16 Nov 2009, 3:44pm

    “Her decision can still be overturned by city authorities.”

    Can city officials normally over-turn Argentinian Judicial decision or is it because it’s about marriage?

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