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Video: Anti-gay Miss California threatens to storm off chat show over sex tape

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Reader comments

  1. Likes to dish it out, but clearly she can’t take it. If the pressure is too much for for her, then she should quite being in the public eye and crawl back in the hole from where she came.

  2. She wants to sell her book: Carrie Prejean Hates Fags

  3. Its a shame they didn’t show the sex video at the botom, i wanted to post it on my myspace

  4. Pumpkin Pie 12 Nov 2009, 3:13pm

    Call me crazy, but I think people are being a bit too mean to her. Sure, her views are unpleasant and she should be chastised for saying nasty things, but she’s a nobody. She has no power of any sort, nor any influence. I’d rather just let her be and forget about her.

  5. she came on a talk show but wouldn’t talk! What was she scared of?

  6. Pumpkin Pie, the thing for me is that she wanted to have influence and prestige and was prepared to spout her bigotry whilst trying to get there. When she found that her shot at the big time wasn’t going to happen – mainly because people found her views repellent, she tried to sue in a last ditch attempt to gain her slice of the fame pie (and a wedge of ca$h). When she was shown to have been in a porn film which hardly suited her professed puritanical Christian ways – i.e. found out to be a complete hypocrite, she chose to go on this talk show and made even more of a spectacle of herself by being so stupid as not to have expected the issue to be raised.

    No one is being mean to her, she’s doing it all herself. If, after her trouncing at the beauty pageant, she’d slipped into obscurity we wouldn’t have a clue where she was right now. However, the woman is so dense she keeps putting herself into the limelight and then shooting herself in the foot. She is a bigot and a liar and she’s seemingly too stupid to know when she should jump off the fame bus.

    And, more than ANY of that: Anyone who states that Sarah Palin is their hero deserves what they get coming their way!

  7. i wish you wouldn’t add fuel to this fire, by calling this woman names. in the u.s.a. people of all stripes have the right to voice their opinions, this woman believes marriage is between one man and one woman – OBAMA agrees with her on that. He is also anti-gay? He is our president after all. Stop calling attention to this opinionated you woman. I live in Brooklyn, NYC and altough I’m gay, I will fight for her right to free speech, and all of us, gays, should defend her right to voice her opinion. She never called to kill anyone, fire anyone, whatever else you’ve accused her of, she simply voiced an opinion – GET OVER IT!

  8. Carrie Prejean is a sinking boat where all the right wing wackos were quick to go aboard… and now they are even quicker to flee away. She’s so pathetic it’s not even funny to mock her.

  9. Mumbo Jumbo 12 Nov 2009, 8:06pm



  10. Pumpkin Pie 13 Nov 2009, 12:17am


    All good points. I think I just realised why I was feeling sorry for her: she’s a walking catastrophe and is doing such an impeccable job of screwing herself over that I just find it hard to want to add even more insult to injury. It’s like if somebody who assaulted me all of a sudden started violently beating themself up. I’d just have the urge to walk away very quickly and never look back. It’s just too morbid and freakish. Feel free to throw a few punches yourself, though. :D

  11. I agree with Nick: She’s doing it to herself.

    I would add, too, that she was willing to climb to fame on our backs, at our expense and at the expense of simple truth.

    For that reason, I have no sorrow about what’s happening to her.

  12. @ aolin: Yes, this idiotic woman HAS the right to express her opinion. It ain’t OUR fault that every time she opens her mouth she makes herself look even MORE stupid than before. Plus, we all *also* have freedom of expression, and many of us use that right to say that we think she is a hypocritical, lying, opportunistic, half-witted bigot. She seems to think freedom of speech means freedom *from* criticism. It doesn’t.

  13. Bent Sauer(Denmark) 13 Nov 2009, 10:42am

    She is not only blond, she sounds dumm too

  14. I completely agree that Carrie has the right to free speech and so long as she is not inciting hatred towards others, has the right to express this view, either privately to friends, or on public TV.

    However, no-one can expect to express controversial views without realising that others can also use their freedom of speech to critise and point out the faults in her opinions. Indeed, in the Larry King clip, she doesn’t seem to want to explain any logical reasons for the views she holds. She says that she admires Sarah Palin and thinks she would make a great President, but doesn’t provide any reasons for these views. Probably, I suspect its because Sarah, like Carrie, has expressed abhorrent views and came in for a storm of criticism as a result of this naivety. Then, they have both played the “I’m the poor victim of a campaign against me” card without having the brain-cells to understand that they were the makers of their own downfalls.

  15. David Griff 13 Nov 2009, 12:28pm

    Of course everybody has a right to free spech but once they’ve aired their opinion they then have an obligation to defend and explain it reasonably when asked and if you don’t then the criticism, even if it’s personal criticism, is entirely their own fault.

  16. Brian Burton 13 Nov 2009, 1:11pm

    No Comment!

  17. Vo Dong Cung 13 Nov 2009, 3:18pm

    If not empty it is not a drumm. One who used to say about God has no God in their heart, he/she is only a liar to create a fake God.

  18. @aolin

    She’s an idiot. Perhaps YOU should get over it, hmmm? But note, WE have a right of course to argue against this “opinion” she has…. as show the glaring hypocrisy of a dumb bitch who spouts off in public what she thinks god does and doesn’t like about gay people, and all the while she lies back an pleasures herself for a sex tape??? Yeah, a woman entitled to uncontested well though out views there….

  19. Spot on Will.

    And I would equally question the intelligence of anyone here who thinks that this porn queen slag has every right to speak unopposed about her “god given right” to oppress the rights of sexual orientation minorities. So maybe aolin, instead of shouting “get over it” like a tantrum throwing 5 year old bitch, have a wee think about your defence of this daft cow, and come back to us with a balanced, and hopefully smarter, remark?

  20. Vo Dong Cung 17 Nov 2009, 7:21am

    to Tigra 07 (#3),

    you can go to

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