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San Francisco Presbytery approves lesbian’s ordination

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 12 Nov 2009, 4:01pm

    Good for her.

    I suppose.

    I think all the time, effort and money she has spent in this campaign could have been better spent doing more productive things.

    Her presbyterianism is a choice. If she believes in ‘god’ then that’s her business.

    But why not simply find a religion that accepts her.

    I presume she believes that there is only 1 ‘god’. If so then it doesn’t matter which religion she is part of.

  2. I say good for her too. It shows real tenacity to have hung on for 22 years in the face of opposition. It just goes to show how strongly she felt about taking this role in the church and making a contribution. The more gay Christians there are who stand up like this, the more the church will have to acknowledge gay rights and the easier it will make it for other out lesbians, gay men and bis who want to be ordained too.

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