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Jewish settler accused of attacks on gay Israelis

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 12 Nov 2009, 8:15pm

    “It’s been a pleasure and an honour to serve my God. God is proud of what I have done”

    His ‘god’ is an evil asshole.

  2. Brian Burton 12 Nov 2009, 9:23pm

    No Simon, the American Nutter is the Asshole, you should learn to differentiate between a pschopath you can see, and someone you do not belive in and cannot see. Your whacho rantings don’t make any sence.

  3. He’s clever at hiding, this god of “love”.

  4. huh God tells you to become a priest it’s ‘inspired’,he tells to shoot up ppl it’s ‘mentally disturbed’

  5. God should probably have a right of reply, but on past showing She is unlikely to use it.

  6. Simon Murphy 13 Nov 2009, 2:14pm

    No 2: Brian: “Your whacho rantings don’t make any sence.”

    Your spelling doesn’t make any sense.

  7. Vo Dong Cung 13 Nov 2009, 4:06pm

    Why people still believe in something they never see in this 21st century. Is that a behavior from a baby? And in the name of unseen they did doing crimes then legally run away from it?

  8. Brian Burton 13 Nov 2009, 6:11pm

    Simon, Only crushing boors mention spelling. Please don’t fall into that catagory!!!

  9. Simon Murphy 14 Nov 2009, 4:08am

    Brian. I may be a bore. But I am not a boor.

  10. Brian Burton 14 Nov 2009, 12:01pm

    Simon, up your too dear!

  11. Steve in MD 3 Jan 2010, 9:51am

    Just give this guy to Hamas in Gaza, and tell them he is secretly gay.

    Then those people will have helped humanity, by taking care of this imbecile.

    Some people say he is mentally ill. Well, conservative religion is THE mental illness of the 21st century. A plague upon mankind.

  12. Steve in Md 4 Feb 2010, 8:20am

    Amazing – a nazi Jew.

    the real issue is the bible thumpers, be they Muslim, Christian, Catholic, or Jewish.

    People living in the past.

    he should be the second person Israel executes. The first and only was adolf Eichman.

    I am so proud my daughter is a Unitarian Universalist, and my son is an aethist. I am an agnostic – Unitarian Universalist. No longer consider myself Jewish. On the occasional fridays when my Jewish wife goes to temple, we joke about it, calling it widows night.

    Our temple is supportive of gays so they say. But really they are in the closet. Our rabbi doesnt have any balls. Wonder who made his kids

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