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Gay blogger accused of terrorism by religious right-wingers

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  1. “What I fear is that once Christian and Muslim people give up hope of achieving equality through nonviolent means, there will be radicals who will begin to hunt down haters like Tatchell and Summerskill.”

    Others wrote: “Maybe a bit of well-organised terrorism is just what we need” and “Will someone please give me a gun?”

    A bit of an OTT response by the Liberty Counsel, but I suspect it’s exactly what many of us would do if the above comments were made on ConservativeHome or the Christian Institute.

    That’s why this tit-for-tat verbal gay-bashing versus religion-bashing should stop. Hating haters just doubles the amount of hate!

  2. darkmoonman 12 Nov 2009, 4:31pm

    Can I report the Religious Reich, Phelps, and assorted religious nutcases for terrorism & hate-speech?

  3. Labarbera is a total nut, he goes around making videos of gay pride parades, juxtaposes film of kids and makes out they were exposes to sadomasochists. He seeks out fetish parties and posts film and photos of it for all to see.

    And while doing so, he campaigns for the recriminalisation of homosexuality.

  4. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 12 Nov 2009, 4:57pm

    And both British and American intelligence monitor sites on the net suspect of being cells for terrorist groups. Religious groups, gay groups, pro-life groups,anti-gay groups, any groups that lean toward communism, terrorism and hate groups are all monitored daily by agents assigned to do this, even joining these groups in order to monitor them more closely and often making comments to rile them up in order to get their reaction as any group planning any terrorist acts will tilt their hand if they suspect some one is on to them. Even Pink News is monitored by both British and US intelligence. Most terrorist cells set up sites as fronts of the real intentions and have user names which are code names of their members. In the comment section they communicate with each other through coded messages and their user names identify each other. The sites are set up by the cells leaders pretending to be something they are not by disguising their real purposes. The ones who flew aircraft into the WTC used a pro-life group to communicate between them, and the US intelligence knew this, but never acted upon the information because they never took them serious until it was too late. Using websites as fronts for their operations and communicating between cells over the net is an easy avenue to plan assaults and mass destruction without the general public being aware of what is really going on. Intelligence agencies have known for a very long time El Quada uses gay websites for fronts for their operations and a way of communicating. Also many so-called-religious websites are fronts for radical domestic terrorist cells operating in both the US and England as intelligence agencies are well aware of. I suspect this so-called-religious group is actually a front for a domestic terrorist cell and they needed a scapegoat to use to take the pressure off US intelligences spying on them, so they used the FBI as a pawn. I do not believe Jarvis is any kind of threat nor was he advocating violence, but the cell was paranoid they were being monitored or may have been tipped off they were being monitored.

  5. Evidence of gastly and criminal behaviour towards gay people can be found aplenty in right-wing and religious websites, blogs and forums. Will the FBI constantly monitor them as I wish? If I was going to report any single incident I would not do anything else in my life. It should be enough if an officer could browse their websites and collect information. Almost every sigle anti-gay topic or webpage has something worth of prosecution. It’s so common behaviour amongst these extremists to incite violence against gay people that some may see it as a normal, healthy and justifiable behaviour. And some would like to treat them as people engaging in free speech. So FBI, you know now where to look for offenders.

  6. Yep. Looks like a commie to me.

  7. Jen Marcus 12 Nov 2009, 6:10pm

    Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew’s comments are “spot on!”

  8. Any response from the FBI yet? I bet they probably laughed quite a bit. Perhaps someone should report Eagle? He has definately lost quite a few marbles and who knows what he’ll do…

    I would like to agree with Evan but the use of religious ‘teachings’ to prevent legal equality and queer liberation is appalling.

    ”An injury to one is an injury to all”

  9. Christian right wingers have called for Obama to be assassinated or for states like Texas to succeed from the united states. I hope the same people show the same patriotism and report them also to the FBI.

  10. StorableLight 13 Nov 2009, 12:37am

    can i say… WOOF he’s kind cute :P

  11. Unlike right wing political groups and religious groups, GAY PEOPLE DON’T MURDER THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS even though we have been persecuted for years and still are! We have gained our rights through sheer strength of will, not guns and bombs, civil unrest and criminal acts! That is a tribute to us and proves you can get justice if you slog away at it long enough! Three cheers for all of us who have supported our human rights over the year and yes, we are not and never will be terrorists!

  12. Vo Dong Cung 13 Nov 2009, 3:53pm

    David (#8),

    I don’t think the words “religious teaching” is the right words. The “religious brain-washing” is best correctiveness.

  13. Phew…. Scotland and Wales are all OK then….

    “Also many so-called-religious websites are fronts for radical domestic terrorist cells operating in both the US and England” …… Thanks Eagle !

  14. So… a crack about “terrorism” is an extremely dangerous and utmost serious threat. Yet religious groups like the Phelps family parading around to funerals and events perpetuating hate and violence against gays is all dandy? I say if Joe Jervis can have a case made against him with such ease, then why are these right wing hate mongers not under constant surveillance or have cases against them?

    Seems like any hints of threats or jokes of such are a huge no-no if your gay or anyone seeking rights, but are just fine and “free speech” if you wave your banners under a god…

  15. I’m a regular reader of the Joe.My.God column, and an occasional commenter. Joe gives daily updates about this and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that 1) he has yet to hear from the FBI and 2) since LaBarbera’s meltdown, he’s had to delete a number of posts that were blatantly fake to the point of being grotesque.

  16. Gay terrorism ? I don’t know. I mean, Theodore Kaczynski a.k.a. the Unabomber tried eco-terrorism once and even wrote a whole manifesto but no one gave a damn about him (besides some mock campaign to elect him president).

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