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US school cancels prom after lesbian asks to invite girlfriend

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Reader comments

  1. Every time I think human beings can’t be more mean-spirited they surprise me. If someone coming to the party might not do just what the rest of us are doing let’s not have a party. Pathetic.

  2. Pathetic. What kind of an example is this school setting to its students? They should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. This is the second story about homophobic treatment at proms in america in just a few weeks now
    The girl who can’t wear a tux and now the girl who cant bring her girlfriend

    Is there no male gay guys wanting to wear a dress or bring their boyfriends to the prom?

  4. Simon Murphy: Thanks for the URL leading to the “mail the school” option.

  5. inbred homophobic c__ts

  6. Didn’t realise you had to ask teachers permission to bring people to a prom/formal? At ours gay students who wanted to bring someone of the same sex just did it. Don’t see what the big deal is anyway.

  7. Americans are not stupid they just need to be educated again and a again and a again….the fight for our rights continues – (why are there so many typos in Pinknews stories now?)

  8. Ahh, that famously progressive state of Alabama. Thankfully there are plenty of decent people there such as this student. If the bigots of the state need to be dragged kicking & screaming into the 21st century by the threat of legal action, then so be it!

  9. America – Land of the free? – What a Joke!!

  10. Yeah thanks for the link, lets see if anything happens after a few emails start to appear in their inbox

  11. That’s quite a low blow, trying to get the students to side against this girl by taking the prom away. Now that it’s back on, it would be good come back if the students refused to attend unless she’s also allowed to bring her girlfriend. But can we expect this degree of solidarity in Alabama?

  12. Har Davids 12 Nov 2009, 3:56pm

    Going the extra mile, cancel a prom to prevent a lesbian student to attend with her girl-friend. Way to go, bigots!!!

  13. Imagine that happening in a progressive city like San Francisco? Of course, there are more Nobel peace prize winners and Mensa members in the Bay Area than the entire area South of the Mason-Dixon line. No wonder the USA has by far the first world’s lowest literacy rate and per capita passport holders. Shame on Alabama for perpetrating this bigoted ignorance.

  14. Rich –
    “Americans are not stupid they just need to be educated again and a again and a again”
    Coming from some one who cannot even put a sentence together correctly, I suggest you educate yourself on the term xenophobia before you attempt lecturing an entire nation on equality.

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