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US Mormons back gay rights laws as “fair and reasonable”

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Reader comments

  1. Big deal! How very generous of the Church to ensure GLBT folk can have a roof over their head and hold down a job (rolls eyes). The Mormons realise they have a bad case of the P.R’s after spending millions in a State outside of Utah (California) to vehemently oppose gay marriage. This is just a bit of red meat to placate the more liberal wing and political factions within the State. If they are going to live by the mantra of “fair and reasonable” then they should stop spending millions to deny civil rights (some 250 rights and laws) that are attributed to marriage within the U.S.

  2. With the Mormon Church owning large parts of Salt Lake City. I wonder if this was not just to give the church a green light to discriminate on its property and businesses and those of its brainwashed flock.

  3. They must be trying to make a PR recovery from their disastrous backing of Prop 8…

  4. “The church supports these ordinances because they are fair and reasonable and do not do violence to the institution of marriage.”

    Of course – I completely forgot that religion invented marriage…

    I may be a cynic, but I think they’re just doing this to pre-empt any charge of prejudice when they get involved in the next gay marriage battle.

  5. PR diaster package, no more no less

    . . . How decent of them to allow LGBT people to work and have a roof over they heads.

  6. PR or not its a step in the right direction. Isn’t PR at least part of the underlying reason behind why a lot of people get their civil rights?

  7. This is ONE BIG step ahead, not much but a step and aleast now I can sleep a bit better. I am a Mormon and also a lesbian, my sexuality and faith has been an emotional roller coaster, but this is a step forward.

  8. With friends like them, you don’t need much in the way of enemies…

  9. tell them to f-off the damage control seeking puissants.

    these people actually think they can rub faeces in our eyes and then try to calm us down by telling us they like our jacket.

    if they want peace with us, then they need to apologise, loudly and in public and on camera and then they need to throw at l;east as much money and influece as they threw at cali and maine to get us marriage equality. then they need to apologise to everyone who suffered in the time they have been banned. one by one.

    then we’re on an even footing.

  10. Vo Dong Cung 12 Nov 2009, 12:45am

    You are absolutely rignht Iris:

    “I may be a cynic, but I think they’re just doing this to pre-empt any charge of prejudice when they get involved in the next gay marriage battle.”

    They are doing that because their member, Michael Pratt, sexual abused a 16 year old schoolgirl. They did the same way with Roman Catholic, turning public opinion away from their crimes. They step back one step, then forward 2 or 3 steps, Be aware of…. try to maake the whole world not forget

  11. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 12 Nov 2009, 1:54am

    They need to separate government from religion as religion has for the most part been against human rights and equal rights and is an evil presents whose main objective is to cause suffering, death, destruction, war and violence around the world in the name of mythical beings whom they have not and can not prove exists in which they say are gods,godesses, god, demons, angels, witches, fairies, trolls, imps and wizards. Religion is out-dated like the horse and carriage and should be packed away in a museum to collect dust as all it can ever hope to accomplish is more problems for mankind.

  12. Nice of them to realise we are all equal and speak out against biggotry
    Can’t say anything bad about that

    They’r setting a good example

  13. James Rall 21 Aug 2011, 2:31pm

    The Church of Jesus Christ, seems to have a very short memory, or seems to move the goal the goal posts whenever they like. They just seem to have forgotten the persecution they suffered back in the 1820’s and 30’s. Know they are condeming theyLGBT Members of the church. I was a member of the church. Thanks to them I have left the the church, because of my sexuality. If anyone stands up and says anything about the churches. We are classed, called and charged as bigots, and taken to court, where we are given a criminal record. They say that Homosexuality is a sin, they say that the Bible say it is a sin. But in the days of these so called Prophets. How did they learn of Homosexuality. It is a modern word for them. They can forgive sinner, whoremongers and muderers. Yet they can’t forgive a Gay.

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