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Peter Mandelson attacks Sun coverage of Gordon Brown’s letter

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Reader comments

  1. “Peter Mandelson attacks Sun coverage of Gordon Brown’s letter”

    I sometimes wonder about the gay interest in some of Pink News’ stories; but to be fair, there is always some tenuous link. Although this topic is nothing whatsoever to do with gay issues, Peter Mandleson is gay so it’s a gay story. Neat.

  2. what on earth has this story got to do with us as LGBT people? what next? “gay man goes on holiday?” as a story just because a gay person did it? jeeeeeezzz!!

  3. tsuchan:- these conflicts affect all of us. Does a sad, tragic death of yet another soldier have to boil down to weither they’re gay to be news? Shame on you!!

    The fact is there are gay people serving in our armed forces at home and in war zones and like All servicemen men and women they deserve All our respect!

    As for Peter Mandelson, I couldn’t think of a bigger bore!

  4. vulpus_rex 11 Nov 2009, 1:34pm

    I suppose there are two comments to make about this story:

    1) Further evidence that Brown is utterly rubbish at everything he does;

    2) Peter Mandelson moaning about press manipulation is hilarious. Labour could hardly believe their luck when the Sun turned in 1997 and it is not as if the Mirror and Grauniad don’t to this day do their bit of slagging off about the Tories.

  5. I don’t see why newspapers shouldn’t be fair and impartial in the same way that TV channels are expected to be. Deliberate character assassination of people in a political party that the owner of newspaper doesn’t like, or who may stand in his way, seems like a form of corruption to me. Better to stick to a debate of the issues.

  6. I was just surprised that Brown was taking the time to hand-write letters to the loved ones of soldiers. Blair didn’t do it and Thatcher didn’t do it – unless they could turn it into a PR victory. Actually I find this to be one of the most impressive things about Brown. The fact that he’s writing letters suggests to me that he’s more human than I’d previously thought and that he’s taking the deaths of soldiers seriously.

    Recently, someone I loved very dearly died and I’ve received a number of condolence letters – some of which have been terribly written. But, to be honest, I’ve spent more time appreciating the sentiments expressed than worrying about the spelling and grammar.

    And I do agree with Mandelson that this whole thing stinks of Murdoch’s dirty tricks. And no – I’m not a natural Labour voter. What’s more I really don’t like Mandelson at the best of times.

  7. Actually, I have often thought that we ignore a lot of important issues in the wider world on Pink because there is no ‘gay angle’. Maybe there is a case for some kind of ‘in other news’ section?

    Among the many things I didn’t know about Gordon Brown, I didn’t know he was blind in one eye. But why should that affect his spelling? I know completely blind people who spell perfectly well. And anyway, how many secretaries work in Downing Street?

    On the other hand, all this nonsense only blew up because a notorious scandal rag decided to jump on a bandwagon. As if THEY give a stuff about the mother of a dead soldier.

  8. This really is a non-story from PN’s point of view. Major news stories are accessible to us in any number of media and their non-appearance on PN doesn’t mean we don’t care about them.
    That said, one must enjoy an attack on the loathsome Sun by the Prince of Darkness. What really surprises me about Mandelson is that his bottomless malice and Machiavellian political skills are hardly getting any use against the Tories. Labour seems to have rolled over already.

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Nov 2009, 3:00pm

    Darrien, I think the sentiment is the issue here, or the lack or it. Surrounded by advisors, spin doctors, assistants et al, he couldn’t even spell the kid’s name right.

    Is it any wonder the country is in the state its in.

    A chancellor only qualified by virtue of a Leeds Junior Viking Account his mum opened for him when he was 12, and a religious extremist as a Minister fo Equality.

    I know this isn’t the worst thing NuLabour have done, but I think its pretty low writing a letter to the family of a dead solider and not even checking to make sure his name was correct. If I was a parent of the poor kid I’d have been incensed as well.

    I see Maddy took some time out from lining his own pocket to fulfill her role as Labour’s attack Chihuahua – pathetic

  10. Sister Mary Clarence I get the impression that Brown has been writing these letters in his ‘own time’ rather than as a part of an official policy. Until this controversy arose, I had no idea that Brown was writing letters to the loved ones of soldiers who’d been killed. If spin doctors and assistants had been involved I’m pretty sure it would have leaked out before. And while everyone deals with grief in their own way, I just haven’t been incensed by letters of condolence if the spelling of my name or my partner’s was wrong. Also, if Brown’s writing is as bad as everyone is saying, then the parents of all the other soldiers haven’t taken offence. I know we differ on things political, but to me it’s coming across as a sleazy manipulation of a grieving mother by the Sun to somehow support the Conservatives. Very, very dirty politics and I find nothing admirable in it.

  11. The Halcyon 11 Nov 2009, 4:01pm

    I’m with Rose on this story. Comedienne Roseanne (Barr/Arnold/Thomas) was once interviewed and she stated that although she was a huge advocate of gay rights, gay people could be guilty of narcissism and self-interest. Yes, Pink News is predominantly a look at news stories affecting the community but also it highlights comments/editorials made by LGBT community leaders.

    This story clearly highlights that the love affair between Murdoch and the Labour Party is over and given all the recent political commentating on the Lord Waddington Amendment regarding Hate/Free Speech, this is an extension.

    Besides which, the whole affair is a non-story in mainstream media, whipped up by bored journalists and a taste of what really is going to come in what will be the nastiest election in a good, long while. How long before pieces of legislation such Civil Partnerships get revisited by the right wing press?

  12. Just so long as we are all clear that the Sun is no friend to any of us!

  13. “I’m with Rose on this story. Comedienne Roseanne (Barr/Arnold/Thomas) was once interviewed and she stated that although she was a huge advocate of gay rights, gay people could be guilty of narcissism and self-interest.”

    . . . and Heterosexuals are not guilty of narcissism. If there was not so much blatent heterosexism around, firstly we would not need to fight for our rights, and secondly we would not need a special news site dedicated to accessing gay issues which are all too often neglected by mainstream media.

    With regards Gordon Brown, he made a big mistake rushing to write the letter – his heart may have been in the right place but his pen was not. . . I am sure he has learnt his lesson

  14. JohnK: “Gay people could be guilty of narcissism and self-interest.”

    Now let’s continue talking about my favourite subject: Me.


  15. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Nov 2009, 6:39pm

    Darrien – I have to beg to differ. Nothing NuLabour have done since the day Blair walked into No 10 has been what it at first seemed. In terms of manipulating the electorate, they hit the ground running.

    The lovely hand written notes that he was writing to the families of the dead, was going to break at some point, and my guess would be in the run up to the general election.

    Despite to dishonesty this government will be remembered in history for some people are so unwilling to have anything ill said of them.

    Like the rest of them, I don’t believe he has a sincere bone in his body.

  16. Brian Burton 11 Nov 2009, 6:40pm

    These Idiot Politicions spend a lot of their time digging holes for them to fall into and sometimes cannot climb out…Button your lip Mandy, it’s a nine day wonder.

  17. RobN – hahaha

    Yawn Yawn Yawn . . . what ever sexual orientation the narccism is found in.

    . . . personally I cannot take any thing seriously written by the Sun newspaper. . . so they are supporting the conservatives again – Bo Ho . . . so they are Bi-Politically . . . now there is a thing.

  18. OK – so the Sun is Britain’s favourite newspaper. It’s also the cheapest – any link here?
    Has anyone actually taken five whole minutes to read the rag from cover to cover? What an absolute waste of time, energy and money.
    But if a pair of big titties turn you on……….. personally, not me.
    And so this ridiculous non – story concerning our country’s leader who suffers from glaucoma in the only eye he has left has made a splash. What an indictment of the state of who considers what is news, nowadays. Although I’m not a Brown supporter, it’s a wonder he can write at all,poor bugger, and as for spelling – just reed sum of the peeces abov and it will be obvius that poor spellars ar not unintelligent – it’s just that they don’t have this particular skill or haven’t had “i before e” and other such aid memoirs drummed into them whilst at primary school.
    Really, the rag of The Sun is responsible for all this; the poor grieving mother just happened to have a tape recorder next to the ‘phone (haven’t we all, dearie) and just happened to send the tape off to The Sun – fancy that, how quick thinking of you. Why not The Times or The Guardian?
    Interesting to know if any money passed hands here.
    Would any broadsheet have picked up on this story?
    Leave the poor sod to run the country – he’s not much time left as it is and this mistake is nothing compared to the size of those mistakes he’s made whilst in office.

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Nov 2009, 7:17pm

    Nice posting Barry – so disabled now equals illiterate does it?

    Must be that mustn’t it – couldn’t possibly disabled and slapdash or disabled and too busy to really care.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Nov 2009, 7:19pm

    As for running the country, I think you mean running the country into the ground .. and actually I thought he’d finished doing that … or maybe we can actually sink a little lower maybe

  21. Barry wrote:

    “just reed sum of the peeces abov and it will be obvius that poor spellars ar not unintelligent – it’s just that they don’t have this particular skill or haven’t had “i before e” and other such aid memoirs drummed into them whilst at primary school.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    No time for drafting or re-drafting becasue of a busy life


    Word recogntion dyslexia may be another factor

    . . . rarely low intelligence is linked with poor spelling

  22. Hello, from a Dyslexic post-graduate who works hard to spell properly.

    No, I haven’t read the Sun from cover to cover. I would be too worried about my brain melting. Besides, I haven’t even TOUCHED a copy since April 1989.

  23. Oh, so Sinister Mary and Loopy Rex are busy here, instead of the thread where 8 Labour MPs voted against our equality….er…as did ALL of the conservatives who turned up. Thankfully, the remaining labour MPs did retain some integrity and voted down the amendment to the LGBT incitement to hatred bill.

    There were some, even on that news thread, who reckoned the amendment protected free speech (If so, where was this amendment in the incitement of religious hatred, or racial hatred bills?) but as the inequality of application shows, the “freedom of speech” was no such claim, but instead an attempt (STILL) to prevent our equality. (The amendment would free clerics of all religions to spit their bile from the pulpit. A bit like what happened last christmas with the pope calling us the biggest threat to humanity!)

    No, Sinister Mary and Loopy Rex would rather bash Brown for a spelling mistake, than admit that on equality the tories have not changed one little jot from the bad old days. I looked throught the whole list to find ONE tory MP who supported us, and found not even one. So I tell a lie; at least in the terrible old days there were mavericks like Eggwina Currie who would throw us a bone. Now? Not a hope.

    This is the government in waiting (we are told. Voiciferously by dear old Sinister) and the only united front they show is in denying us true equality.

  24. Hello Tw(M)atty B!!! – All quite friendly till you turned up.

    I’m not sure whether to be pleased or annoyed that you are apparently missing me on another thread – SMC are you flattered or scared that we have stalker?

  25. Mumbo Jumbo 12 Nov 2009, 12:19am

    “Nice posting Barry – so disabled now equals illiterate does it?”

    No, Sister Mary. But using terms such as NuLabour does equal a brain-dead Daily Mail standard of unoriginality.

    “As for running the country, I think you mean running the country into the ground .. and actually I thought he’d finished doing that … or maybe we can actually sink a little lower maybe”.

    Yes, Sister Mary, we could indeed sink lower. To German, Sweedish, Canadian, French or US levels of unemployment for instance. Or French, Italian or Japanese levels of debt (or, if you prefer, any country with a debt level at or above the G20 average ie. about the level which the UK is expected to reach by 2012).

    “I’m not sure whether to be pleased or annoyed that you are apparently missing me on another thread – SMC are you flattered or scared that we have stalker?”

    Vulpus, rest easy about getting what you describe as a “stalker”. For for a pre-pubescent such as yourself, an errection is a most unlikely occurence.

  26. Mumbo Jumbo – welcome to the stalking club!

  27. Peter Mandelson got his mate the editor of Newsnight to threaten any BBC newsreader with the sack if they repeated the “charge” he was gay after Matthew Parris stated he was gay.
    Even a publication as partisan and left wing as Pink News can’t cover that one up.
    Stonewall used to out people in public life, but obviously not some people. Remember the past before we start gathering round Mandelson in “sisterhood”.

    And let’s take the “heartfelt support for our troops” from Mandelson with a pinch of salt after he talked about the “chinless wonders” protecting him when he was Northern Ireland Secretary.

    Gordon Brown rang that woman up because he was tipped off by the Sun they were leading with it the next day – they get all front pages at 9 o’clock the night before – not to reassure her. And it was he who kept on about his eyesight, not her. She went on about his spelling her name wrong, and he never apologised for that.

  28. Mumbo Jumbo 12 Nov 2009, 2:31pm

    Brilliant response – not at all self-centred and every bit as original, funny, cutting and unpredictable as ever.

    Goodness me, we are all laughing so hard and slapping our thighs over that one! Such substance!

    In particular, I look forward to an equally incisive response to Matt B’s substantive point. (Or Tw(M)atty B as you so wittily call him and thus prove in a single swoop of total genius that you are not at all the pre-pubescent child I thought you were but a fully-rounded, mature and intelligent adult).

    Please, more, more! Give us yet another positive impression of the modern Conservative party!

  29. Mumbo Jumbo, you are a fully paid up member of the Liebour party yes?

    Or – Peter? Gordon? Brad?!

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