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Doctors: Gay marriage and military ban ‘bad for health’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex pat Brit 11 Nov 2009, 5:18pm

    Now maybe our own Medical Asssociation will take note as well as our government and do the right thing. This is huge, the AMA is a very powerful, influential body and its not going to please the bigots and hypocrites who oppose ending the ban on gays in the military and full marriage equality. Way to go AMA, thank you.

  2. Brian Burton 11 Nov 2009, 6:26pm

    No, the medical profession in the UK is frightened of their own shaddows and struggling with performance pressures from all directions not least the Government.

  3. I thought the title meant that gay marriage was bad for health! It’s a tad ambiguous. So what they are saying is that letting gay people have what they deserve after so long is for the best.

    I bet the Christian front is upset.

  4. Robert, ex pat Brit 11 Nov 2009, 7:02pm

    Rose, its not ambiguous at all, in fact its quite clear what the AMA is saying, along with many in the APA (American Psychiatric Association). Of course the so called “christian” front will be upset. Desperate times call for desperate measure and they are indeed desperate to react the way they do. Deep down, they know they’re losing the cultural war in America. Don’t be detracted by the recent defeat in Maine and California, its going to turn around on them, eventually, sooner than we think. It happened in Canada and look what happened….FULL marriage equality for all. This is a huge repudiation of right wing bigots and christian cults that support discrimination and another step forward to full equality. Its going to happen whether our foes like it or not. The next generation of young people will guarantee that as we’re seeing at the polls. The hardliners won by only a very narrow margin in Maine, that gap is continuing to narrow.

  5. the title threw me. i understood when i read it.

  6. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 12 Nov 2009, 1:19am

    A day will when same-sex marriage will be the norm and religious will be looked upon as queer and abnormal, which in my book it is anyway. Religion will one day only be believed by nut cases. (It is anyway.)

  7. LOL Go AMA! Thank you so much. Of course, this makes up for the fact that homosexuality was once categorized as a mental disorder. I really hope they repeal DADT- it’s long been due.

  8. The headline IS misleading. It would have been less confusing if it had read, “Military and Gay Marriage Ban Bad for Health”. I agree with Rose, when I first read the headline I thought the AMA was saying that Gay marriage and the military ban were bad for health.

  9. This headline is painfully bad English – editor – please change this as others have suggested already or maybe Doctors: Gay marriage and military bans are ‘bad for health’. Poor grammar and sloppy journalism not only confuses the reader but reflects badly upon the quality of this otherwise commendable news site.

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