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Survey to find out more about over-50s and HIV

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  1. What a laugh, are you having us on?! Thanks to the HIV “prevention” sector, today over one third of under 25 year olds consider HIV to be no more threatening than other STI’s, and many are being incentivized by today’s HIV campaigns into indulging in unsafe sex!!! With THT’s track record in HIV “prevention” I would therefore urge all over 50s to ignore this survey – it could end up seriously damaging your health…

  2. Sounds to me as if THT MAY POSSIBLY be STARTING to listen to what the gay punters, rather than the gay industries, are able to tell them.

  3. Yes, but Eddy, that surely isn’t the point? THT’s ineptness in HIV prevention is terminal, and it should have its remit revoked instantly instead of extending its tentacles further still. It also now has clearance and funding to counsel pre-teens. Do you honestly think extending it remit will improve things when its entire approach and ethos remains unchanged? Surely it is like trying to put out a fire with petrol. We need a new, entirely independent organisation staffed by empathetic people not motivated by profit or greed to step in and clear up THT’s mess.

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