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Liverpool hosts first gay Pride festival in over a decade

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Reader comments

  1. Given the problems in Liverpool recently I hope they deploy enough security to keep people safe!!

  2. Someday, I’ll be afraid of leaving the house, if I ever come out of the closet. Day after day, I read about a gay bashing and this scares me. What kind of life it is to live in permanent fear of being attacked?

  3. Simon Murphy 10 Nov 2009, 5:55pm

    Gay Pride in Liverpool.

    Good idea but considering how insanely homophobic the city appears (or at least judged by the news of the past year) I’m not sure I trust the police to keep the participants safe.

    I’d recommend the parade organisers hire additional private security and the participants in the parade carry weapons for self-defence in case they are needed.

  4. From the article : “In August 2008, 18-year-old Michael Causer was beaten to death. His murder was treated by police as a homophobic attack, although the judge in the case said killer James O’Connor, who was also 18 at the time, was not motivated by homophobia. ..”

    The Pink News article gives a partial picture in respect of Michael Causer’s murder. O’Connor – although present – wasn’t the person responsible for Michael’s death. He was an accomplice. In fact it was Gavin Alker, who despite credible evidence was cleared by a Liverpool jury of all blame. Judge King’s summing up was criticised as biased against Michael, and the Liverpool jury went on to acquit Alker in a 10-2 decision.

    Alker was heard using terms such as ‘you little queer faggot’ as he punched and kicked Michael to the head.

    In sentencing Alker’s accomplices, O’Connor and Binsteed, Judge King ruled that the crime wasn’t homophobic, and motivation was unclear.

    The Causer trial brought shame to the whole of British justice.

  5. I would have loved to have gone, but as it coincides with the first time the Gay Games have been held in Europe for over a decade, I’ll be in Cologne, like hundreds of thousands of others (going by previous Games) for Europe’s, if not the World’s, biggest gay and lesbian festival.

  6. I would have loved to have gone but as it clashes with the Gay Games in Cologne, the first time it’s been in Europe for over a decade, we’ll be there, like thousands of others (going by previous Games)for Europe’s, if not the World’s, biggest gay festival.

  7. How predictable. More Homotopia type stuff please, less of the flag-waving, in-your-face, profiteering stuff that other cities like to do.

  8. Will this pride be “sound as a pound”?

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