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Ian McKellen helps raise £15,000 for homeless young gays and lesbians

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Reader comments

  1. £15,000 that’s peanuts

    So far this year I’ve helped raise more than £271,000 for LGBT youngsters.

  2. £15k in three hours, peanuts? Er, do the math cleggy, it pisses on £271k in 300 days :-)

  3. The difference is that Cleggy is not a celebrity. There is something called “charity fatigue” where people stop giving, because there are so many people asking for money for so many worthy causes. Unfortunately, in our celebrity obsessed society we tend to gravitate to causes sponsored by a “name” (witness the plight of the gurkhas before they got themselves a Lumley!), which is wrong.

    Unfortunately, charities are grateful for ALL donations, and need the support of long term sloggers like Cleggy above, AND the brief media attention and support a celebrity or two can bring.

    I can understand the bitterness; while Boy George, Sir Ian McKellan et al will get press adoration for their three hours gracious patronage, Cleggy will probably not get much beyond the gratitude of the charities concerned for the many longer hours put in.

  4. Oh I don’t know, I think the beneficiaries must be pretty grateful. That should be satisfaction in itself. It’s a bit juvenile to do something for the sake of being adored, that’s a feature of the celebrity obsession you rightly say plagues society.

    If you need to raise your profile for what you do, then use some common sense and get a competent, experienced press relations expert to help you. Make yourself stand out from the crowd, get a case study in the Guardian on wednesday’s edition…..

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