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French lesbian couple win 11-year battle to adopt

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Reader comments

  1. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 12 Nov 2009, 11:45am

    Long overdue, now it is time for the French Government to allow IVF access and full parentage for lesbian partners who conseive from IVF and gay marriage!!!!

  2. Let us remember that UK lesbians and gay men were under the same restriction until recently, and those in UK civil partnerships would face those restrictions if there were to live in France, because the rights bestowed by civil partnerships – unlike with marriage – do not travel across borders.

    And then I’d like to point out that UK couples in which one of both partners have a history of transsexuality, and indeed individual such people, are all banned from adoption in the UK, even if in marriages or civil partnerships, because the adoption authorities see it as something a child should be consulted about beforehand, but no child is considered suitable to be told.

    it is all just prejudice, and interference by people with evil intent. Nice that UK lesbian and gay people are now free of that, in respect of adoption, in the UK, but not nice that they have no concern that others are still affected.

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