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Calls grow for Uganda to reject anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. what a nasty case of institutional homophobia in the parliament of a country. The proponent of this piece if filth deserves to be tried for crimes against humanity. He should be banned from entering all counties who oppose this evil law.

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 10 Nov 2009, 7:38pm

    With all these fine organizations pulling together, this anti-gay bill in Uganda doesn’t have a chance.

    I read elsewhere thatthe American Evangelicals are supporting the Bill. Sleazy.

  3. I wish I could as sanguine about the fate of this bill as you Jean Paul, but the major restaining influence of the Church has been utterly witheld (unless you call saying “replace the death penalty with life imprisonment and drop the extra territorial claims on LGBT Ugandan citizens living abroad” restaining anything). I fear in the deeply religious and conservative country I have visited, this vile bill will be enacted. Unless the Archbishop of Canterbury buts in, the forces of darkness masquerading as followers of Christ who loved us all unconditionally, WILL triumph.

  4. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Nov 2009, 11:20am

    john p:

    What can I say? I dearly hope your wrong…

    As for the archbishop of canterbury..he’s probably too busy planning his menu for the week to be even remotely aware of a bunch of ‘gawd-forsaken queers’ in Uganda.

    Religion is a BUSINESS! How hard is that to understand?

    If Uganda had the least possbility of adding to church coffers, the archbishop would be there with bells on.

  5. Re the ABC and Uganda. Ah but it’s a recipient of aid, not a donor nation. He’d say something if it wasn’t for him being paralysed by his obesession of preserving unity in the Anglican communion AT ALL COSTS. Years back he gave supportive lectures for LGCM, but since hitting the top post he has becaome utterly paralysed by the noisy and numerous African Churches (Nigeria and Uganda in particular)and by their conservative and wealthy American backers. It’s the Church at it’s worst and most cowardly. Not the Church of Desmond Tutu – who ahs spoken out in support.

  6. Just saw Davis’s excellent open letter in Guardian online – I hope Archbishop Williams takes note and actually says something

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Nov 2009, 1:57pm

    I’m so outraged, I can’t be bothered to think staight.

    But I do have an open-mind – always have had – and I’m listening caefully to what you are saying. I agree about wealthy American backing.

    Why don’t the powers of the world concentrate on the disastrous state of the planet we are leaving our children instead of sticking their noses into to where people put their dicks???

  8. Simon Murphy 11 Nov 2009, 2:00pm

    Uganda will ignore international opposition to this vicious new law. There will be all sorts of macho speak about how the colonisers should stay out of African affairs.

    I agree in a sense. But the colonisers need to ensure that not a single cent of aid money is given to ANY organisation related to the government.

    If the government of Uganda chooses to be ignorant, stupid, hateful and backward then it is the donor countries’ responsibility to ensure all aid money goes to groups which are not ignorant, stupid, hateful and backward.

  9. Simon I think you are right. Usual gloop on gay rights being another form of Western Colonialism/neo colonialism from the Ugandan Govt types, (especially the “Ethics” Minister) but, boy,will they yell if aid is cut because they pass hateful bills. then ypu’ll hear “you owe us because we used to be a colony”. Sorry, chaps, but you want the moolah, walk the way we suggest – and that means don’t be nasty to the fairies!

    And how come they see homosexuality as western colonialism, but NOT import American Funamentalist Christianity with its obession on sexuality? Is it cos they say they work for Jesus?

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