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Sex tape causes more embarrassment for anti-gay Miss California

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Reader comments

  1. The bigots. They are are lovely people aren’t they?

  2. So it’s not ok for gay people to get married, but it is ok for her to call herself a christian and be so vain, hateful and pose topless?

    Jesus would be spinning in his grave

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 9 Nov 2009, 1:17pm

    Well, she parades around on a stage like some painted harlot with her knickers not even covering the crack in her arse, so is it any wonder really?

    Frankly, its a wonder the DVD didn’t show her shooting ping pong balls out of her chuffty while whistling Dixie

  4. The combination of religion and showbiz in America seems especially toxic – like the televangelists who preach repressive fundamentalist morality and use booze, drugs and prostitutes off camera.

  5. “In the tape, Prejean is seen alone pleasuring herself.”

    LOL! And let me guess. Ms. Prejean, you were brought up to believe that this behaviour is okay in God’s eyes? Sure it is… I bet God loves it! Did you hear god saying “faster, faster” in your head, dear?

    I’d say she’s a hypocrite, but I’m beginning to think she is so mentally impaired she doesn’t know what she’s doing or saying half the time.

  6. This is absolutely wonderful news. The more these idiots do without thinking anyone will notice or connect it with what they say, the happier I am.

  7. Actually, where is Alesha now? That moron who comes into this site to utter one liners supporting this stupid cow?

    One of here last comments was “Carrie is my hero”…. indeed. Well Alesha, feel proud in supporting a plastic and mentally challenged porn queen, hmmmm?

  8. You’d almost call this divine justice, wouldn’t you?

  9. Always the same with the hypocrites. In her case however, she hasn’t got a single brain cell, never mind the intellect to realise she got in way over her head.

  10. “You’d almost call this divine justice, wouldn’t you?”

    You said it, you couldn’t wish for a better expose of a hypocrite! :)

  11. it’s always nice when hypocrites get exposed
    I doubt the right-wing loons and bigots would claim she’s in the right now!

  12. How did the silly cow get videoed doing that anyway? Did she not notice the lens and the little red light indicating that it was live…

  13. It was probably a hidden cam set up to see if she could be caught-out. In any case, she had it coming to her (and I don’t say that lightly). I wonder if that was her praying position, lol.

  14. The shame of it is the US has the lowest literacy rate of any first world country so when some blond bimbo with an IQ scraping double digits opens her snatch she’s bound to attract right wing fun-do’h-mental-ist Christian bigots. Double shame: It’s in Southern Califoria too.

  15. Erroll Clements 9 Nov 2009, 4:43pm

    Oh it is so true………………..what goes around comes around!
    Serves the money grabbing bitch right !

  16. Isn’t life grand?…:-))..I just hope there’s a similar video of Pope Razi out there somewhere…

  17. If only there was a video of Jan Moir out dogging in her Range Rover….

  18. Oh, that comment (by Mark at 16.44) reminds me of the old chestnut: “Why does the Pope keep his underpants on in the bath?” “Because he doesn’t like to look down on the unemployed”. Well we thought it was funny in Sunday School!

  19. I am not surprise that Carrie will be same as Antia Bryant and she will be unpopular someday

  20. I feel for her in her shame. I too feel utterly ashamed at how much pleasure reading this article has given me !!

  21. douglas in canada 9 Nov 2009, 9:25pm

    Even though I’m gay as gay can be, and have no interest in the private parts of women, some part of me wants to see the video. lol. Can we post it somewhere for all her churchly admirers to see?

  22. It’s so predictable:

    1. Be loudly intolerant because of your strict religious beliefs
    2. Get publicly humiliated for your:
    a) Affair
    b) Drugs habit
    c) Sessions with prostitutes
    d) Porn shoot
    e) Same-sex liaisons
    f) Embezzlement/other financial irregularities
    g) Any combination or all of the above

    It’s all about the close correlation between intolerance and hypocrisy. You don’t see too many Quakers or Reform Jews or Catholic Socialists getting in the news for this sort of thing.

  23. Oh isn’t life wonderful in it’s complexity sometimes?
    You could almost imagine someone up there controlling all this.

  24. David North 10 Nov 2009, 12:53pm

    Hoist by her own pertard……

    Isn’t life just glorious.

  25. Isn’t onanism frowned on in the Old testament?
    Perhaps murmuring to herself “Ohhh god, ohhh god, oooooh jeeeezus!” gave her the impression it was some legitimate form of prayer?
    Hey, maybe she was waiting for the second cumming!

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