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Alan Carr says gay men make the best chatshow hosts

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Reader comments

  1. “Carr also paid tribute to Jonathan Ross”

    I bet he’s slept with the 4 Poof’s as well?

  2. Speak for yourself Mr Carr. What a brainless comment.

    There is also a big proportion of gay men who do not identify with this kind of garbage at all. And cannot stand self appointed ‘spokesmen of the community’ helping to promote tired stereotypes. Tribute to Ross? Clearly advanced symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome.

  3. Besides, that doesn’t explain Terry Wogan

  4. Brian Burton 9 Nov 2009, 8:19pm

    The only ‘Gay Chat Show Host’ I ever liked was Russel Hearty.

  5. He’s made a living out of being a comfortable gay stereotype so his comment about gay men being gossipt is hardly surprising.

  6. Well, Tom, stereotypes had to come from somewhere, right?

  7. Vincent Poffley 10 Nov 2009, 1:36am

    If a straight man were to say this sort of thing they would probably spark a good deal of outrage, and get labeled as a homophobic peddler of stereotypical nonsense.

    No Alan, we are not all “gossipy”. Some of us are, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but many, myself included, are the polar opposite. We are sociophobic, deeply misanthropic and couldn’t care less about celebrity trivia fripperies.

    You might well enjoy playing the camp stereotype yourself, but as a public figure (admittedly of the lowest intellectual calibre) you have a positive duty to prevent the spread of such ignorant, pernicious and demeaning attitudes. BEING that way is not the problem, insinuating that 5% of the population are as well IS.

  8. People like Carr and Norton just continue to perpetuate the mincing, camp little queens every uninformed straight assumes all gay men typify.

    I spent many years assuming “I can’t be gay”, because the only ones I knew were Larry Grayson, John Inman, Julian Clary et al. and I couldn’t identify with them and all their overt campness.

    Isn’t it about time we got some ordinary, fun, interesting people on TV that are just like all the others except they just happen to sleep with the same sex?

    F_ck off Carr. You make my flesh creep.

  9. Brian Burton 10 Nov 2009, 10:39am

    I’m A Bona Homi with cute lallies and pretty riah like Dorothy but I must point out I’m a straight screaming Puffta. Will I make a good ‘Chat Show Bozo?’

  10. sorry but Alan Carrs lispy throw back to the 1970s “poof” just makes me cross! How are we ever to be taken seriously with him as a role model??? I remember seeing him at a book signing and he seems to appeal most to teenage girlies with shriekingly high sceams and squeals!

  11. @RobN:

    “Isn’t it about time we got some ordinary, fun, interesting people on TV that are just like all the others except they just happen to sleep with the same sex?”

    But where are they hiding? Present them, please. I’d really like to see an example of such a creature. A straight-acting funny gay person? Why don’t they simply hire a straight guy and pretend he’s gay then?

    Alan Carr knows he’s a performing monkey. And he enjoys it. Hey, for the right amount of money, I’d enjoy it myself!

  12. I enjoy Alan Carr but in common with others here I find the almost total lack of balance in the media to reflect ALL characteristics of the gay and lesbian community really poor value for license fee payers and TV audiences in general. We can all enjoy a bit of camp without falling into self loathing but the almost total absence of straight acting, sexually attractive, accomplished gay and lesbian profiles sends a negative image to our youth and feeds an almost constant drip into society at large of gay effeminacy. Where is a reflection of the majority of us that work alongside our straight colleagues without jazz hands, sequins and bitchy gossip?

  13. I remember Simon Fanshawe presenting a show on the BBC a couple of years back called “The Problem with Gay men” that tackled this issue of most high profile gay celebs deliberately conforming to stereotype.
    I remember Graham Norton being interviewed saying he was uncomfortable playing to that stereotype himself, but TV producers demand it of him.
    That said, the problem is that when you get a gay presenter who isn’t as camp as a row of tents, we just think of them as a presenter and their sexuality doesn’t even get acknowledged, let alone register as a gay role model.
    Evan Davies from Dragon’s Den is one example I wouldn’t have even realised was gay unless someone had pointed it out to me. Maybe my gaydar’s broken.

  14. May I propose a moratorium on the expression ‘straight-acting’? There is little point in attacking camp stereotyping if we use phrases which clearly signal that an ordinary and unremarkable demeanour is heterosexual copyright.
    And I’m not against camp, by the way. I’m just rather tired of a)gormless generalisations a la Alan Carr and b) the bland variety peddled in popular culture. At its best it is highly witty and subversive.

  15. Miriam, the tranz Schmiriam 11 Nov 2009, 12:04am

    “I’m A Bona Homi with cute lallies and pretty riah like Dorothy but I must point out I’m a straight screaming Puffta. Will I make a good ‘Chat Show Bozo?'”

    Piss off with the sexist and homophobic language ‘Brian Burton’ you Jew-hating Nazi!

  16. Miriam, you moron. What’s sexist, homophobic or anti-semitic about Brian’s comment? You’re problem is you’re both too young and too stupid to even recognise Polari. (Look it up).

    F_ckwits like you need to get a thicker skin.

  17. Brian Burton 11 Nov 2009, 6:57pm

    Well spoken RobN, that Miriam is off it’s Psychopathic medication.

  18. Brian Burton 12 Nov 2009, 8:17am

    Things have been resolved between Miriam and me now thank goodness. There has been an apology.

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