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Washington voters approve expanded gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. I wont believe it until the official final figures are announced. Those sneaky and evil christians will try anything to deny human rights.

  2. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 7 Nov 2009, 5:48am

    I agree with Brenton – the news should wait until 100 percent of both the ballot “boxes” and “post” ballots are counted!!!!

    I could tak about a week to count them all!!!!

  3. Brian Burton 7 Nov 2009, 7:27am

    Sneaky and evil Christians like me will do anything to promote Gay Rights for me and my sneaky Christian Civil Partner…eh Brenton…Another atheit whacho!

  4. Brian, I know people like you here in Australia. I know your type. You go to church that makes you feel so good about yourself. So much more exclusive than others. I bet you and your partner always sit in the same place in church. NO one would be game to sit there, would they? You vote conservative, went to private school and would fall over yourself to kiss poor old liz windsor’s arse! Ofcourse. I discarded such gay people from my life years ago. I know all about the church. It was compulsory to go. I came from a conservative background, I know it so well but they could never indocrinate me. Even as a kid I saw through all the christian liars, the ‘sneaky’ double standards. The rich who always sat in the same seats and joked about not paying their taxes before they went home to be such upstanding christian citizens. You and your partner are fortunate to have a civil partnership but for the millions of those gay people who dont, it is the church and religion that are against furthering the rights of women and gays. THAT IS FACT! THEY ARE THE OPPRESSORS!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, bring all of your straight church buddies on here and see how many approve and ‘Witness’ for your relationship. I bet not too many! Until socalled Progressive christians en masse are LEADING the fight for same-sex rights worldwide, I will just stick to my thoughts and beliefs about christians.

  5. Brian Burton 7 Nov 2009, 11:07am

    You are new to these Pink Comment threads are you not? I’ve been around for some conciderable time. Reading your comments between the lines shows me It is you whos from a privilaged back-ground and had all the advantages of good up-bringing. Let me tell you about me: I am seventy years old, was one of ten kids born into a coal-mining famil,(There was so many of us at home the mice used to set traps for us!) I too followed my Fathers footsteps into the Durham coalfields untill I realized I could have a better life. So I went into the Army and when I told them I was Gay, they did’t throw me out, instead gave me a cushy posting! My Partner and I met and fell in Love thirty nine years ago. We took Civil Partnership in 2006. We are still crazy about each other and both of us have been Chrisrtians (Not fundamentalist nutters) and our Church Minister Blessed our Partnership.So Brenton…Fair Dinckum?

  6. Actually Brian , I am not from a priviliged background, if you mean money! Far from it! I did have loving parents though who meant well! They were modestly middle class in English terms. But conservative. No Public School for me! I think if we met that you would find me quite pleasant. LOL I dont wish to insult your life experience or EVEN you faith. I apologise if I have. I am not too proud to say sorry! I admire your relationship and your work ethic. Also , your relationship is a beacon as far as I am concerned. I have been with my partner for 25 years and we have gone through so much together what with family, work and just the day to day homophobia of society. I am very passionate about the rights of all people ,but I am very upset and saddened by what extreme Christians do! I dont mean to be insulting and I am really a big koala but without the weeing on you! LOL I do enjoy your comments and I hope that we can get to know each other more on this site. I have a very ‘secret’ admiration for most things British! My Father’s side of the family emigrated to South Australia in 1870. I also have family from Cornwall who came to South Australia in 1839 , 3 years after settlement. You are fortunate to have your civil union. I envy you with that! I see no light at the end of the tunnel here in Australia. It is very depressing and upsetting. I hope that you will think of us here with our battles ahead.
    Yours sincerely,

  7. Brian Burton –
    I have often read your posts on the PN threads and usually found them interesting and in tune with me. This is the first time I have seen you say much about your life and I am glad that you have. I am also from the NE, though I am of the previous generation (I’m 53)and glad to say never went ‘down the pit’ (in Newcastle we used to say ‘divven’t gan doon the mine, Dad, there’s plenty o’ slack in yah pants’!!). I am a Quaker but no longer have religious beliefs per se, for a number of reasons – I am a sort of mystical agnostic. I could not participate in a conventional church as you seem to do but I am glad you and your partner are a visible presence in it. I am at times baffled by the loyalty of many lgbt people to Christianity in its commonest forms but I am at bottom glad of it – I think the Churches would be even worse than they are without your influence. All the best to you.

  8. Brian Burton 8 Nov 2009, 8:13am

    Thank you for your candon and understanding. I would much rather be your friend than antagonist! Brenton would you like to click on ‘MY’ in the top left hand corner and join a whole lot of us and you will see my photo and profile there. There is s very good ‘Civil Rights’ group you shold join there run by my good friend Eagle the American Indian. Also I own a group called Christian Melting Pot but I have Atheiest and Agnostic membership. Do it Lad and see ya there.There I’m called Burty.X.

  9. Brian Burton 8 Nov 2009, 8:18am

    Canny Lad, I would like to know more. Click on ‘My’ and fill in the requirement and look up Burty (thats me) and see my photo. Do it now canny Lad. See Ya there!

  10. Hello Brian
    Where exactly do I click? I’m dyslexic when it comes to computers!!

  11. Brian Burton 8 Nov 2009, 1:45pm

    In the top left-hand corner of this page there is two rows of words like UK, World, Politics, underneath is MY, Blog, About, Click on ‘MY’ and you’ll get onto the page you want. Or failing that it’s

  12. I think it’s brilliant these biggots tried to show voters they didnt have to put up with gay rights and could stand up to it – only to have the voters show them they agree with these rights completely

    These biggots will force another referendum in washington in future, and hopefully the gay support increases

  13. darkmoonman 9 Nov 2009, 5:47pm

    One of the encouraging events re: Ref 71 was the number of local churches that came forth to support it. Most of the money spent trying to defeat the referendum came from out of state.

    Despite the appearance of splitting our state in half along the Cascades (progressive west half vs. conservative eastern half), it is one of only 6 state referendums that have passed since our official state-hood in 1889.

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