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Man charged over death of Brighton trans woman to plead in New Year

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Reader comments

  1. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Nov 2009, 5:57am

    Two days after the story broke and not one comment.

    You guys make me sick. Have another beer.

    All my sympathy to Andrea Waddell’s family and friends.

  2. theotherone 8 Nov 2009, 3:39pm

    I would comment but, alas, I have nothing to say.

    I can’t comment on the case as I do not know the evidence but I also extend my sympathys to all concerned

  3. Benji Starr 9 Nov 2009, 2:28pm

    I can’t believe no one is commenting on this. A young woman was murdered and we say nothing, but a journalist makes a few nasty homophobic comments about a gay man who died naturally and it gets the most complaints of any newspaper article in the history of the PCC.

    That speaks volumes about society. I pray to G-d the jury who has to hear this case isn’t this apathetic.

    Rest in peace, Andrea.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 9 Nov 2009, 3:09pm

    J-P & Benji

    what’s there to say: her parents aren’t likely to read this so it’s just a gesture to say how sorry I am.

    Her death is tragic, but there are so many tragedies to mourn that we can’t write our outrage all the time.

  5. This is horrific murder in a country, which is one of the cradles of democracy.I have heard about murder of transsexuals and transvestites in third world countries and even in USA, but in Britain, no this is unheard. It is remarkable that especially transsexuals in sex work are murdered, I don’t know why someone in UK who has a good uni degree ad looks so good, opts to work for this dirty industry. I bet she had her reasons. Also not transsexual women in sex industry are regularly being subject to humiliation, torture and even murder. Britain is becoming a more violent and less tolerant sometimes. we must keep defending basic human rights. Note: I am a transsexual and lead a very normal life,I study and work and have normal friends. I don’t encounter discrimination and enjoy my life.

  6. My thoughts are with her and her family. I hope the courts do justice for Andrea. Peace x

  7. I actually knew Andrea, what the news doesn’t say about her was that she was a compassionate, sensitive woman, who hated being a sex worker, and who wanted only to love and be loved.

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