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Iain Dale loses appeal over ‘homophobic’ Daily Mail article

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  1. High time the PCC was transformed into an independent body – self-regulation of the Press by the Press is as much use as employing foxes to guard the hen house!

  2. Simon Murphy 6 Nov 2009, 1:53pm

    The PCC is an utterly ineffectual way of regulating the press.

    Paul Dacre – the editor of the Daily Mail is a senior figure in the PCC so there is no way this complaint could ever have been upheld. There is a clear conflict of interest here.

    Independent regulation is required.

    Sign the Downing Street petition:

  3. I’m sure the Daily Hate’s editor saw to it that the verdict was one of “nothing to answer for”. Agree that freedom of speech is vitally important, but when an article is printed purely on lazy hack gossiping, rather than having any basis in fact, then the PCC needs a serious overhaul. There has to be a balance.

  4. perphaps next time we should skip PCC when complaining and head stright to courts where justice can be served properly

  5. Please show us a big photo and all contact information on Ephraim Hardcastle. We need to expose these biggots – usually ugly, straight male journalists with a poor private life! Expose them, expose them, expose them! Tell us ALL ABOUT THEM!

  6. If Iain Dale insists on hanging out with Tories, what does he expect? Why is he surprised that the Daily Mail, with its longstanding tradition of homophobia and bigotry, treated him in this way? These are the values of the tabloid and the Conservative Party that it serves. It’s hardly a shock.

  7. Yeah, Right on Charlie. If a man can’t choose the political party of his own choosing without backbiting twats like you hurling abuse, then it’s a sad day for politics. Typical Labourite policy on democracy: “If you’re not a leftie, then you’re a Nazi”.

  8. RobN of course it’s his right (Iain Dale) to join some right wing party, and completely forget about the past or the number of tories that voted against the scraping of section 28 etc. Just like it is Charlie’s and everone elses right to comment, however I am sure that I am not alone in wishing you would keep your reactionary rubbish to yourself. I find the fact that you have GOT TO comment on about every news story on here predictable and a bore. Do us all a favour, turn off your computer and go canvassing for the BNP, the Tories or what ever other right wing nonsense you are into this week. Thank you.

  9. Liz Church 8 Nov 2009, 12:08pm

    Don’t waste time complaining to the Daily Mail Complaints Commission, it’s run by the editor of the PCC.

    Try the police instead. And again and again if you have to.

  10. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Nov 2009, 3:38pm

    Don’t prtend to be so civilized – you’re not – bonb tbe Daily Mail off the face of the planet.

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