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New gay website will serve the south west of England

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 5 Nov 2009, 5:51pm

    For LGBT Cyberspace is the here and now everywhere and it is required for many reasons, not least publicity for LGBTs existence in those areas of the UK.

  2. Vincent Poffley 5 Nov 2009, 6:19pm

    Meh. I find the constant LGBT presence in big cities, like Oxford and London, somewhat depressing to be honest. I quite like the isolation from LGBT stuff to be had in my native Somerset – it lets me get away from the miseries, disappointments and feelings of inadequacy that the LGBT communities in the cities bring. I am not constantly reminded of it all when I am here.

    Still, I suppose the site is not obligatory, so isolation can easily be maintained for we who want it.

  3. great news for us in the south west !!! we are here !!!
    Torquay is on the map !!

  4. I’m quite shocked that Lotto money has been used for this when there are already commercial sites doing the same thing. I could list at least 3.

    I’m all for charity’s filling a gap in the market but this is just duplication and a waste of money that could be used elsewhere.

  5. Paul Roberts 6 Nov 2009, 2:43pm

    Just in response to Matty–this isn’t a duplication of resources available through commercial sites. This is a site that is owned and maintained by LGBT communities in the South West by the Collective itself. It won’t contain out of date listings (which the Collective unanimously agreed all commercial sites have an element of) and is wholly owned by our own communities. Many of the groups listed are not listed anywhere else and they are delighted to have this exposure.
    It is also much more than just a website. The Collective is a physical body of LGBT groups and projects (about 60+ groups) who are all working together to create a safer and stronger and more visible environment for those LGBT people who want it!

  6. Geat news – South West England most certainly needs it. A big thank you to the Lottery for helping

  7. Tired of the lack of accountability of police! 6 Mar 2010, 12:38pm

    Ahem….This video gives a true insight into the Intercom Trust. Peter Tatchell Human Rights Campaigner makes valid written points in the video:-

  8. A factual video insight into LGBT attitudes in Cornwall…still

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