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US Census data gives a snapshot of gay families’ lives

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Reader comments

  1. the menstruator 3 Nov 2009, 7:36pm

    This is the best stock photo that could be drummed up? They look like vagina faced twins those two chubby men. No photo should’ve been used. Why do we have to keep jumping through hoops for straight people. Look at us mr and mrs breeder. we’re just like you. makes me sick.

  2. Makes you sick? Grow up there are gay couples who want a family, it’s their choice. Who’s jumping through hoops? explain that more.
    As for you judging the guys in the picture again grow up.. but then I’m sure you have the right to say that you must be one of the ‘beautiful people’ (or as I like to call them self obsessed vain c**ts)

  3. You are mean. That family just looks like a normal average family. Why should they have to look like models? If gay people having children makes you sick perhaps you think that all gay people should be sterilised and those with children should have them taken away from them. Gay people don’t have children because they want to be like straight people; they have children because they want to be parents and you do not have the right to try to take that away from us.

  4. Epiphanie 4 Nov 2009, 5:58am

    I think the photo is beautiful, and I find it heart-warming that gay couples who identify as ‘married’ or whatever often do choose to raise children.

    I think more people in conservative communities choose to see themselves as spouses because they have been brought up to believe that traditional marriage codes are to be valued and respected.

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