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Danish club fires footballer for ‘I hate gays’ comment

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Reader comments

  1. This man is a bigotted wife beater, and yet he claims it is his Catholic beliefs that make him hate gays? I don’t think so. i think it’s the fact that he is an all round violent, foul mouthed mysognistic, racist, homophobic, scumbag.

  2. dupek

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Nov 2009, 12:45pm

    ‘In a recent interview, Onyszko said his Catholic beliefs prohibited him from accepting “those kind of people”.’

    Interesting footnote for the New Catholic Catechism: Inciting hatred 101.

    Yea Rome!!

  4. Another danish side, FC Frem, says they would like to have the player if he wants to stay in the country….

  5. Do they really? So they don’t care that he’s a violent, foul mouthed mysognistic, racist, homophobic, scumbag?

  6. I wondered what Dupek meant, so I looked it up with Google translator! Yep, he is definitely one of those.

    And if any English team considers signing him, then the kick homophobia out… campaign is for nothing

  7. They won’t need to Rose, FC Frem, a Danish first division side is already making an offer.

  8. What do you expect from a Catholic Pole? ANYONE that contributes to that organisation in ANYWAY is anti-gay!

  9. And I hate Roman Catholicism! It is the working of evil in the world!

  10. Football is just a cynical money-making business these days. I suspect that plenty of clubs don’t care if a player is a nasty piece of work if he repays the investment. Endemic yobbery in the game will never be seriously challenged while characters like this continue to play in it.

  11. I am not suprised a Danish club sacked him because of their great record on gay rights; just shocked another Danish club has offered the masogonist homophobe another job; we can only hope he gets kicked in the goolies very soon!!! Oh and as for being a Polish Catholic who hates us, so whats new!!!!

  12. The e-mail address for FC Frem is and I can’t see any reason for not writing to them and tell them that recruiting this nasty man is not a good advert for Danish football.

  13. Anthony B 3 Nov 2009, 2:15pm

    His catholic beliefs means he has to hate gay people? Total rubbish. If he was such a good catholic and had strong religious beliefs then he wouldn’t batter his wife, but then again, the catholic church doesn’t rate women that highly either, does it? Why are these homophobes being allowed to use religious belief as an excuse for hatred?

  14. because not enough catholics stand up and distance themselves from this way of thinking. it’s time they did.

  15. I love the line “He also likened gays to “vomit” and attacked female sports reporters”

    Is it becuase those female reporters are too outspoken and he’d like to slap them quiet like he does his wife?

    And anyone that reacts to violently to gay people as to “vomit” has clearly a lot of crippling masculinity issues, add the philologically abusive behaviour to women (including his poor wife), and does this not fit a text book closet case?

  16. Sorry, “philologically” should read psychological…

  17. This is the offending quote from BK Frem, a first division side, (‘he would be welcome at the club, he’s a hard workling player and hard working players are always welcome. I think you have to reach a hand out to someone who’s on the ground, that’s what I think….'(someone danish can check this please) –

    [”- Arek skal være velkom­men i klubben. Han er en dygtig spiller, og dygtige spillere er altid velkomne. Jeg synes, at man skal række hånden ud til en mand, som ligger ned, og det synes jeg, at man må sige, at han gør’]

    Well I imagine many gay or bi players feel like they have been kicked to the ground with Onyszko’s holy hatred. Will Hornbæk care to reach out to those players,too? And what message does that send out to the teams gay players and supporters, especially those who might have to playor work alongside him?

  18. F.Nielsen 3 Nov 2009, 3:54pm

    FC Frem have regretted and withdrawn their offer to Arek Onyszko… They have made a statement saying that his views and morals are not compatible with the ones they want the club to represent….

  19. Tak ska du ha, herre Nielsen.

  20. Poor sweet bigotted R C darling; this bad fairy wishes your firstborn son to turn into a raging poofter – then let’s see how much you hate gays, you silly, sad, attention-grabbing twat.

  21. well, lucky escape for Frem supporters. Now keep him away from the English Leagues.

  22. Simon Murphy 3 Nov 2009, 4:10pm

    The book’s title is ‘****ing Polack’

    Well who are we to argue with such an accuratse self-description.

    I’m sure he’ll have a promising future as a parliamentary candidate with the woman-hating, anti-semitic, homophobic Law and Justice Party (the Tories’ bedfellows in Europe).

  23. good grief, Barry, if his first born son was gay, can you imagine how he would treat the child? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  24. Rose, you’re right, of course – nor would I wish it on the poor child either.

  25. F. Nielsen writes: “FC Frem have regretted and withdrawn their offer to Arek Onyszko”. What is the source for this info, please? All I have been able to find in the Danish media indicates that Frem are still interested in Onyszko.

  26. I spoke to the link here regarding the club bk frem. Hans hermansen no longer has anything to do with the club and said no way would he ever have anything to do with a player like this homophobe. In any case bk frem are an amateur only team and don’t sign contracts so……wrong info.

  27. Bent Sauer(Denmark) 3 Nov 2009, 5:52pm

    Another comment from Denmark: Let’s forgive the poor idiot :_)
    He’ll never play in Denmark. Kisses Bent(Sorry, but that’s my name :-)

  28. Listen to him playing the persecuted card. He’s claiming to be the victim now, claiming there’s no such thing as freedom of speech in Denmark.
    Which is wrong – he has freedom of speech. But he must face the consequences. And others have the freedom, if not the mnoral obligation, to have nothing to do with him.

    Nej Bent, forgiving him is a particularly immoral action – it tells people like him, that it’s fine to abuse and bully others, and encourages it. If people don’t see the consequences of their actions, they don’t learn.

  29. F.Nielsen 3 Nov 2009, 7:25pm

    Amn14 – there are several places writing it among other this

    Allerede tirsdag middag trak Hornbæk tilbuddet tilbage.

    “Jeg mener ikke, at Onyszkos holdninger er i overensstemmelse med den moral, vi gerne vil udvise overfor vores unge mennesker.

    In English

    Already Thursday Hornbæk withdrew the offer.

    I do not think Onyszkos opinions is in agreement with the morals we want to show our young people (said Hornbæk)

  30. the menstruator 3 Nov 2009, 7:39pm

    Granted the pig Arek can say whatever he likes, he has freedom to spew whatever he wants to make people think he’s not gay. But perhaps he just doesn’t like nancy boys, clearly he enjoys being on an all male team, shower in groups of men and whatever frolicking comes w/ towel snaps. So he enjoys the smell of another man’s jock strap but just doesn’t like gays. clearly a protesting too much situation

  31. Thank you for the link, F. Nielsen. Most helpful.

  32. Tom Nunnery 3 Nov 2009, 10:33pm

    The news about Arek Onyszko, have reached the United States. This man is a very ill man. I am forwarding this information to the New York Times and other newspapers in America. The NY Times are vcery interested in the story.

  33. Jesus made him do it…

  34. menstruator, do you really want this man to be gay? Does he seem like a good example of what a gat man is? I hope he isn’t and he’s just a nasty piece of work.

  35. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Nov 2009, 2:59am

    I can have little respect for anything that comes out of the mouth of a wife beater. Isn’t there something in the Bible about letting he who is without sin cast the first stone/

    I’m fairly sure giving the missus a bit of a slap constitutes sin.

  36. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Nov 2009, 3:32am

    Talk about having your fate sealed by free speech!!

  37. @ Rose – I’m with you there, if this is a gay role model it’s one we could sure do without.
    I reckon the only one on one action he’ll be getting after all this is with the palm of his hand. I certainly hope there isn’t someone desperate enough to have kids with him.

  38. Simon Murphy 4 Nov 2009, 12:23pm

    No 35: “I’m fairly sure giving the missus a bit of a slap constitutes sin.”

    No it doesn’t. The bible sanctions wife-beating, rape and owning slaves.

  39. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Nov 2009, 2:35pm

    Apologies, Simon, you’re right, it doesn’t – what was I thinking.

    Look at me trying to impose my own morale values on other people. I’m no better than them … except of course I DON’T abuse my partner

  40. Robert, ex pat Brit 4 Nov 2009, 2:38pm

    Rose, are you that really naive to think that the roman cult among most of the others including its daughter cult the C of E doesn’t have a scintilla of responsibility when it works to promote discrimination by meddling in the political process to ban equality laws, same-sex marriage being the primary target? Its mantra, loving the sinner hating the sin, plays right into the hands of morons like Onyszko. These cults were the primary instigators that institutionalised homophobia around the world for more than two millenia and continues to this day. Look at its history.

  41. Robert, I am not naive at all. I agree with you completely. But I am still a practicing Christian and a Practicing homosexual. I have just today been insulted by a ‘Christian’ for being honest about my homosexuality, but I stand by the true meaning of Christianity, which is love and understanding of my fellow humankind. That is the only part of it all that matters to me. One of these days, preferably one when I haven’t had two gin and oranges already (its my birthday! I’m allowed!) I am going to try to put together a blog bringing all these issues together. When I do, feel free to comment. Meanwhile, I don’t believe in evangelising. I am not going to tell anyone here to repent or anything stupid like that. I would like to be friends with some peoel and at least have the respect of others, and their acknowledgement that I have the right to decide for myself what my religious beliefs are.

    That will have to do for now. I’ve got a birthday dinner and a couple more gin and oranges imminent. After that, my head won’t be up to this level of discussion.

  42. And this footballer who claims to be catholic is still a filthy scumbag who doesn’t have a clue what christianity is.

  43. Rose, don’t underestimate yourself, or the power of alcohol. Look, I regularly make a habit of writing articles in one of my local pubs.

  44. The saddest thing is that when homophobes like this get spurned and sacked they then take it out on gays even more bitterly, as if these horrid views that lead to their own downfall are the fault of gays. And let’s not forget the man has zero time for women either by the sound of him, and is an abusive wife beater. I’m sure he would be a wonderful spokesperson for organised jack-boot religion worldwide, since most all of them seem to have nothing better to do than pick on women and gays anyway.

  45. Jean-Paul Bentham 5 Nov 2009, 1:03am

    Why all the fuss? He got the boot. Next!

  46. Robert, ex pat Brit 5 Nov 2009, 5:22pm

    Rose, I’m glad to know we’re on the same page, was beginning to wonder about that. Happy belated birthday!

  47. Robert, yes I think we are on the same page. We just need to check the index now and again.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. The hangover lasted most of yesterday!

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