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Maine to vote on gay marriage today

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Reader comments

  1. good luck maine!!!!

  2. Not looking good – latest poll 51% Yes, 47% No. I really hope the guys can pull this around – depends on whether the younger generatoin actually gets out to vote.

    Many say the campaign for equality has been too ‘respectful’. Some critics have said the No campaign hasn’t done enough to highlight the questions about funding from the Yes side; the Yes side has been able to set the agenda. Anyway, fingers crossed xx

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Nov 2009, 12:40pm

    Yerp; it’s all a question of voter turn-out. It will happen sooner or later; better sooner, than later.

  4. Vincent Poffley 3 Nov 2009, 1:20pm

    Isn’t it an utterly outrageous system that allows such challenges as this to social reform laws? Since when did the bigoted opinion of the ignorant masses become an important factor in making good, progressive, just laws? I am disgusted that it is even possible to overturn such laws on such ridiculous grounds – what is the point of having full-time elected lawmakers if the bigotry of the great unwashed is allowed to trump their every decision?

  5. If this vote fails, then I think it is really time for gay people to take a long hard look at religion and its effect! There needs to be a world wide campaign against the Churches. It can be done.

  6. Simon Murphy 3 Nov 2009, 2:32pm

    I think if marriage equality is banned then gay people need to join the campaign to ban divorce for straight couples.

    If marriage is an intitution that so desperately needs to be protected then banning divorce is the best solution obviously (as it would mean that the 50% of straight couples whose marriages end in divorce would work so much harder to make them work as they wouldn’t have the lazy, get-of-jail-for-free card that divorce gives them. That would protect the institution of marriage far more than a ban on marriage equality for gay people.

  7. This passing/repealling/enforcing/dismissing is really quite disgraceful. What is a law? How is it upheld? How is it able to be recinded? We’re dealing with human beings here, who deserve and have a right to have their love for one another irrespective of gender, recognised by state and church. Now, thanks to right wing biggots, we all know about the state of the church and its attitude to sexual union – something its been terrified of facing up to for centuries now – but the State isn’t composed of just Christians, right-wing or otherwise. Can we get back to the idea of a law passed is a law obeyed there and then – not until further notice.

  8. Robert, ex pat Brit 3 Nov 2009, 4:51pm

    For a society that claims to have separation of church and state, I find it ironic that religious cults are allowed to directly interfere in the political process to take away rights or ban them from one specific group of people. Figure in that these cults enjoy tax exempt status, they pay NO taxes and get a free hand in who gets this or that right. Its totally corrupt and bigotry is at the root of it all. They can deny it all they want, but that’s what it is. How would they like it if we petitioned to have referenda designed to take away their right to a religious marriage or ban their religion altogether, or have their tax exempt status removed? Why should they be above the law in a true democracy?

  9. “I think if marriage equality is banned then gay people need to join the campaign to ban divorce for straight couples”

    Good idea! :D

    I don’t see why a majority is allowed to vote on the rights of a minority anyway. And isn’t there something very spiteful about trying to take away something from other people that does no harm to you?

  10. Hey all, the question, ” The US state of Maine will decide today whether a recent law allowing gay marriage should be allowed to remain.”

    From what I can gather about the “atmosphere” in the Northeast
    states, I’m thinking that Maine will vote that the law will be allowed to remain, even though I’ll disagree with the majority should that happen today.
    But it’s /interesting and fun to watch politics/society play out their choices.

  11. No sane person would want to ban same-sex or mixed race marriages. To do so would create an inherently unequal society in which some people were born superior to others.

  12. It looks as it gay marriage has lost.

    1 This is not a fit subject for popular votes.

    2 Those of you in the US with any love for civil rights will I hope redouble your efforts against the evil religious bigotry (led in Maine by that pedlar of lies, the Church of Rome) which pushes the less well educated to vote people’s civil rights away.

  13. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 4 Nov 2009, 10:48am

    Taking away gay marriage is the same as highway robbery!!!

    I want to organise a petition to ban Republicans, bigots and gay-bashers from marrying and to make divorce illegal again – now there is an idea!!!!!!

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