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Thousands expected to attend candle lit vigil in Trafalgar Square

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Reader comments

  1. I cannot be there in person tonight, but please be assured my thoughts will be with you.

  2. I can’t be there, but my thoughts will be with all those who have lost loved ones through these pointless attackes.

  3. ” This is the first ever international day of remembrance for the victims of hate crime”
    What about Transgender Day of Rememberance, which has been held internationally for some years? Trans people are victims of hate crime too.

  4. Solesister 30 Oct 2009, 8:52pm

    I cannot be there either, but my prayers and thoughts go out to all those people who are touched in some way by homophobic hate crime and my heartfelt sympathy is also extended to all those friends and family of Ian Baynham and others like him.

  5. Best wishes to all who attend this important event. I hope the message that comes out of Trafalgar Square is that all HATE crimes are never tolerable, ever. My sincere sympathy to anyone who has lost a loved one or has suffered in any way because they were/are different.

  6. This was a very well attended event. It was powerful and moving and there were speeches and messages of support from an impressive range of people.

  7. Thanks for the thought in reporting the event, Tony; i don’t see much coverage in the morining’s papers, nor have i see anything about it on TV or radio.
    There again, hate crime victims hardly merit banner headlines, do they………………

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