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London LGBT Tourist Office welcomes 100th visitor

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Reader comments

  1. Why have a tourist office? It would have been cheaper in the long run to get this all set up online..

  2. ‘its’ ;-)

  3. 100 people in 7 days? That works out at about 14-15 people per day. I don’t know what tourist information visitor figures for London are like, but I’m sure they get a lot more than 14-15 visitors per day.

  4. Pathetic. And more to the point, who’s paying for this crap?

  5. Brian Burton 31 Oct 2009, 5:01pm

    Talk about bellyaching bollockchops. You moaners deserve a good kick up the arse! This adds a bit of class to sleezy London dosen’t it?

  6. Brian: Class!!? No. a hundred visitors after about a month is downright bloody embarrasing. I’d keep it quiet. It’s just yet another worthless Labourite spin project to demonstrate their apparent socialist principles, (all coming out of taxpayers pockets at an extortionate price, no doubt.)

    Straights aren’t interested, and Gays get free papers with all the listings. Based in Chinatown, you walk two blocks and are in Old Compton St. Poof Central. Who needs this?

    The place will be boarded up within six months, I guarantee you.

  7. When RobN can tell the difference between “opened last Friday” (from the article; i.e. LESS THAN A WEEK) and “hundred visitors after about a month” (his vitiolic comment above), then perhaps we will listen to his bile! Shoot yourself in the foot much?

  8. RobN – The fact that “gays get free papers” is no reason this office shouldn’t exist. There’s a world of difference between the listings in a free paper and the sort of advice you can get by actually talking to a person, and I’m sure you’re not really too thick to realise that – you’re just pretending this project has nothing else to offer as an excuse to slag it off.

    And who says it’s coming out of taxpayers’ pockets? I can’t find anything linking it to the government anywhere – surely if this was an example of Labour trying to “demonstrate their apparent socialist principles” they would actually, you know, mention themselves somewhere?

  9. Just to add to the discussion. You assume people know London. I live 40 miles away. I haven’t a clue where the LGBT info is and where to start. 100 people in a week, sounds like a success to me too. I know of GAY and Heaven wouldn’t know where they are. Wouldn’t know to go to chinatown. Why Chinatown that’s where I go for chinese things. (Just making my point). This service looks like a good start to me.

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