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Gordon Brown voices support for tonights hate crime vigil

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Reader comments

  1. vulpus_rex 30 Oct 2009, 6:27pm

    Gordon Brown can kiss my tush.

    His top priority is saving his sorry backside in the next election, in which he is about to be annihilated.

    He can stick his letter of support into the massive black hole of a deficit his ruinous economics have wrought – we should all enjoy Trafalgar square tonight while we can, i.e. before he has to flog it to the Chinese to pay off the Brown debt disaster.

  2. Oh vulpus_rex, you sweet dear old thing. How I’ll miss your posts when the nurse finally gets your medication right.

  3. vulpus_rex 30 Oct 2009, 6:44pm

    Why thank you Darrien – I won’t miss yours when you get a Brain, though methinks at your age it might be too late for you.

  4. I think it’s great the Prime Minister has sent this message. This would never have happened before 1997.

    Dragging your personal opinions of economic policy into this thread seems quite inappropriate somehow.

  5. Robert, ex pat Brit 30 Oct 2009, 8:42pm

    Vulpus, if you think Cameron is going to turn everything around for the economy, dream on. It was a conservative government in America for the last eight years that put the world economy into the hole its now in, including our own with deregulation of the financial industry, demolished the Glass/Steagall act that was in place to prevent the economic crises we’re now seeing. Conservatives are masters at running up debt and borrowing and leaving it to the next opposition government and generation to clean it up. When Clinton, a democrat (labour) left office, he left America with a huge net surplus. Now look what was left when Bush was booted out, a financial meltdown unprecedented since the great depression of 1929. Cameron’s fiscal policies are identical to the republican model. Be very careful what you wish for.

  6. Brian Burton 30 Oct 2009, 9:23pm

    Tut, tut, tut Vulpus and Darrian, Behave or you will have to stand in the corner of your junior school wearing the Dunces Cap!
    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread don’t forget, only God knows the outcome of the next general election. How many more expence-hungry, crooked MPs. One ‘Con’servative mp has been told to repay £63,000…bloody crooks.

  7. Vulpus: I won’t miss yours when you get a Brian like me.
    Oh look, there he is now. Bless him, he still thinks you can’t be a socialist and a thief at the same time.

  8. To vulpus_rex

    Out of interest, let’s suppose John Major had won the election in 1997 and that the Conservatives were still in power. What do you think would have been different about the world economy and Britain’s economy, bearing in mind that, following Mrs Thatcher, our economy became heavily dependant on City dealing? Do you think we would have meekly followed the Americans into Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Do you think a Conservative PM would have abolished Section 28? And what about gay marriage?

  9. I have a question about ‘running costs’. It’s ‘What running costs?’ Buy a candle, turn up. End of story. Where does the money go ‘running’ to? This is a genuine question, folks, but would really like to know.

  10. With this ignoramuses’ blessing, tonight’s vigil is surely cursed…

  11. Running costs… There were stewards, security, police often have to be paid for these events, permits, there was a large stage to hire and construct, a sound system, speakers, mics, lighting, to hire and set up, cameras to document the event, a double decker support bus was present, etc etc.

    Ikea paid for candles, choir, musicians and compere (Sandi Toksvig) all gave their own time for free. Several nearby gay bars must have profited hugely, but I don’t know if they will have donated. Someone should ask them!

  12. Mihangel apYrs 31 Oct 2009, 7:22pm

    Brown could do something effective by removing all religious anc “conscience” get-outs for homophobes, giving us marriage rather than CP, and forbidding opt-outs when sexuality is dicussed in schools, among other things that others will be able to itemise.

    Fine words butter no parsnips (as Brian Burton or Keith would say)! Talk is cheap, putting the sentiments into action require courage and commitment; I don’t believe Brown is capable of either

  13. the major expense that has not been mentioned is insurance…in the order of £600. The organisers did a stunning job in a *very* short time, pulling in favours, generating gestures of support like IKEA donating the candles not because they were asked but because they refused payment…but someone had their credit card ready… and someone put their name down so that if people did leave litter someone could bill them for the clear up. All the dedication and the imagination and spare time of committed, amazing people. Let’s hear it for them.

    Re: Brown, he’s Johnny come lately to the human rights of LGBT but would you rather he hadnt turned up, people do take time to get there but its a shame not to encourage them when they do change.

  14. @Robert, ex pat Brit and @Brian Burton – I agree with you both. Thank you Mr Prime Minister. Our hearts and minds go out to the victims of hate crimes,too.

  15. Justin Hinchcliffe 2 Nov 2009, 12:56am

    David Cameron also sent a letter of support. Funnily enough, no mention of it on here.

  16. Justin: You couldn’t possibly be implying that this website’s editors might be in any way politically biased would you?

  17. Robert, ex pat Brit 2 Nov 2009, 2:49pm

    Dave, we’ll get NO full marriage equality under Cameron either, neither party supports it and neither does StonewallUK. Its too politically charged and they’re more interested in their careers than they are about equality, further they’re all afraid to have confrontation with the established cult, the C of E among others. That’s the reality. Its up to us to demand and make sure we get it by taking action into our own hands by not voting for people who don’t want us to have equal choices. Marriage isn’t a right but a privilege of the state, that’s why licences are issued. Religious cults don’t issue them from what I know. We need to have national dialogue across the nation about same-sex couples having the choice of a civil marriage, totally different from the religious version, that needs to be emphasised. Personally, I don’t much care for religious marriages but if people want them fine. I also don’t think religious cults should be forced to recognise them or perform them, another point that needs to be explained clearly. We won’t get full marriage equality unless we have a discussion at the national level and make our argument for it. We need to form our own movement and put the major party candidates on notice. If they don’t want to go that extra step, then forget about our votes. Imagine three million or more of us doing that, you’d see how fast they’d be impacted by it. Its time to flex our collective muscle and put them all on notice.

  18. As the person who organised the letters of support from politicians, I want to say this: our purpose was to get support from all the politicians with the power to do something about hate crime – and we succeeded. As well as this message from Gordon Brown, there were messages from David Cameron (which you should also have printed) and from the Mayor, Boris Johnson (represented by the Deputy Mayor). Think about it: would it be better if they HADN’T sent messages of support, had refused to do so??? We also had a message from Ian Baynham’s MP, Jacqui Lait (MP for Beckenham).

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